Saturday, 25 July 2009

Scumbag Labour !

Are they getting a little rattled ?

Surely not ?

Link to original article (usual earnest , leftie , anti-BNP/free speech stuff . Unremarkable in itself , except for its rambling fatuity . Comment has been removed ).

Hat tip to Rantin Rab


Calling England has some interesting information on this post .

He notes that it was made on a Unite Against Fascism blog , the same outfit that shamed democracy by attacking , the admittedly v.dodgy , Nick Griffin outside Parliament recently .

More interestingly , he reminds us that UAF has been endorsed by the Boy David and the Conservative hierarchy .

Time for a re-think ?

Update 2

Looks like it could be a fake . Or , as Dan Rather put it , "untrue , but accurate".

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