Saturday, 25 July 2009

Norwich North

Watching the media coverage of the Norwich North election today has been an education . The BBC , predictably , has sought to minimise their beloved "Project"'s spectacular defeat . Even Sky News attempted to say that the Conservative vote had fallen (in actual numbers on a reduced turn-out , not in percentage terms , they and the Beeb failed to add).

Pick of the crop , however , was this editorial from The Times -

During the long wait for the counting of ballots from the Norwich North by-election to be completed, Labour campaigners chatted amiably with their rivals. One Liberal Democrat reported that “Labour people are down but saying it was nearly so much worse”.

Let’s see. The Labour Party created a by-election it did not want, by ousting an MP it did not need to oust. It proceeded to select an activist from London to fill a vacancy created by a popular local figure. During the course of the by-election it was, for long periods at a time, incapable of mustering a large enough campaign force to deliver a leaflet across the whole constituency. The Labour candidate then caught swine flu. The party’s vote fell from 46 per cent to just over 18 per cent, one of the worst showings by a governing party in modern history. When the result was announced, the Labour candidate was unable to be present. He was replaced by his wife who, at the moment when thanks are traditionally conveyed to the polling staff, instead had to thank Norwich’s ambulance service.

How, precisely, do Labour campaigners think it could have been worse?

What joy !

When The Great Leader spouted out the statistical truth and lie that the Conservative vote had fallen in this election he should have borne in mind the statistics regarding the 1992 and 1997 General Elections .

Labour land-slide ? Surely it was a crushing defeat ?

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