Monday, 27 July 2009

Norwich North 2

An excellent analysis from "across the pond " on National Review Online , regarding Norwich North and the future electoral prospects of the parties .

Among the gems was this one regarding the Cameroon "Project"'s lack of appeal to native , white conservatives (i.e. the majority of the population) and their votes for UKIP and the BNP -

Most of these came presumably from working-class nationalist voters who were unhappy with Labour but still suspicious of the Tories, especially Tories whose main electoral preoccupation is wooing metropolitan liberals with cuddly green policies.

Even better was this , totally accurate , observation on the Labour Party's un-distinguished history -

There have been five-and-a-half periods of Labour government since 1923. Ramsay MacDonald’s nine-month 1924 minority Labour administration is the half; it scarcely counts here. Of the five following governments, including the long Blair-Brown administration, four will have left office amid major economic and financial catastrophe when Brown does so. The voters may begin to notice a pattern.

Link to the other article which he mentions , written after the Euro-elections .

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