Monday, 27 July 2009

Lord Tebbit Speaks

A very strange interview with Lord Tebbit in the FT .

The lady interviewer clearly thinks he is some sort of ogre , but tries hard , though not quite hard enough , to hide it .

Best quote is regarding the IRA filth who badly injured him and crippled his wife .

Two years ago, BBC Radio 4 invited Tebbit to take part in a “healing” radio programme with Magee. The peer declined, having no taste for the modern appetite to massage away the atrocities of the past with an oily love-in and apologia. Tebbit sees this kind of appeasement as symptomatic of the weakness, decadence and lack of resolve in modern British society. “Do I want to meet these people? Yes, I would like to bump into them. If I was driving a heavy truck,” he says.

Move over Cameron . Let a real man in .


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