Sunday, 12 July 2009

Labour Slash and Burn

As soon as it became clear , around the middle of last year , that the Labour Party were unlikely to win the next election , the phrase "slash and burn" sprang immediately to mind .
Wee Bobby in the pub asked me what I thought Labour would do now (he presumably meant "how will they try to get out of this mess") . I didn't see that they would even try .

"Slash and Burn " was my instant reaction .

Based on what , you may ask ?

The answer is manifold , but can be based on the twin themes of the essential confidence trick that was New Labour and the small-minded , prissy vindictiveness of the Socialist mind-set .

You will recall this much-criticised 1997 Conservative Election poster . Howls of derision emanated from the chattering classes at this portrayal of everyone's favourite "pretty straight kinda guy". Who could be so twisted as to deny his essential goodness and the obvious benefits he would shortly bring to our oppressed land ? None but Eevill Torees - the scum of the earth .

Who now doubts that it was an accurate portrayal of the in-coming regime ?

Blair , while pretending to be a moderate and a cleanser of corruption , brought us a deluge of anti-social , anti-British legislation and policy . From the removal of the final few restrictions on homosexual excess to the active promotion of "Gay Marriage" ; unlimited immigration and the attendant "human rights" racket (from which his wife and her pals directly profited); from "ethical foreign policy" to invading a succession of countries with little justification ; deploying our armed forces in wars across the globe , while disbanding units and starving the rest of resources ; from "equality" ( more like "privileged status") for the minority to the oppression of the many ; from appearing a "Good European" to surrendering our sovereignty to a new country called "Europe" ; from abolishing the death penalty for treason , to committing treason .

The list seems without end .

This was all part of "the Project" from Day 1 , Year 1 .

Now , while "progress" looks about to be stopped , they have to get some of their most poisonous ideas out of the road quickly .

Hence Harriet Harman's promotion of these various , frivolous "equality" laws , laws which create further privileged victim groups , principally women ,and further disadvantage others , principally men , fragmenting and dividing society on Marxist-Feminist lines .

They also need to poison the well for the in-coming Conservative government .

Hence the absolute refusal to admit that cuts in budgets are necessary - leading the Leader of the Opposition to warn that the result will be riots when the public realise they have been conned .

Hence the continual propagandist lying to Parliament - "0% growth".

Hence the ultimate betrayal of our democracy - a government hanging on with no authority , composed chiefly of un-elected EU placemen , in order to subject our country to the hated European Constitution , just long enough for it to be ratified and the over-whelming view of the people and the Opposition to be ignored ( as the government's own manifesto promise of a referendum is ignored) .

Our New Country After Labour Finally Leave Office

This corrupt , sleaze-ridden , anti-British , anti-democratic government will cling on for only a few months , but their evil legacy will remain with us for decades , if not centuries .

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