Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Is There A "Right" To Healthcare ?

An excellent and thought-provoking article from Theodore Dalrymple in today's Wall Street Journal .

Very uncomfortable truths .


Dark Lochnagar said...

Y.O. I have a big problem with these yanks who for alterior motives, mostly because they are making money from Health in the U.S. keep on running down our Health Service. I have voted Tory most of my life and apart as you know from the SNP, I have never voted for any other party and I am 55 and have voted in EVERY election. I would rather cut off my right arm than vote Labour and I had a father who rushed home from work every night at 10 pm just to check if Harold Wilson had died!

I do though have a number of health problems and once your health goes you can't get insurance. I have to say that the treatment I have received in Ayrshire and in particular at Crosshouse in Kilmarnock has been excellent. So I for one will not be knocking the NHS. I do also believe that in a modern rich democracy it is our duty to look after those who are, for whatever reason less well off, whether it is someone with cancer or a soldier injured in Afghanistan. Also as someone born within the confines of Ayr, I also believe that the only good Killy is a dead Killy, so it is very hard of me to praise a hospital in Scumland!!!!

The Young Oligarch said...

I agree with your sentiments regarding the NHS , DL . I too use their services regularly , as I don't keep well ,and I am not suggesting that the organisation should be abolished .

I put the article up for 3 reasons .

1 - it is thought-provoking for us to read such things in a country where criticism of the NHS is only one step up from child abuse in the scale of taboos . (No I won't be posting anything similar defending that).

2 - it is definitely an uncomfortable read and challenges our own emotions as well as the facts as they have been presented to us .

3 - Theodore Dalrymple (aka Anthony Daniels) is a writer I admire . He is always honest , lucid and very articulate .
He was also , until recently , an NHS hospital doctor , as well as being a writer and working in a prison .

Here's a link to some good stuff from him -

He's a good guy who's not dealing in the caricatures of the American Right (Socialised Medicine Will Kill Us All) or British orthodoxy (All Glory To The NHS).