Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Education (Repeat Twice To Convince The Proles You're Serious) , My Arse !

Wonderful news from the First Secretary of State , the Regent Mandy , about how our popular and well-respected government will improve the education of the poor and thus increase social mobility .

Apparently lack of attainment is not the fault of our pish-poor , Marxist-controlled state education .

Mais non !

It is actually the fault of universities who admit far too many clever people and expect them to study full-time !

What brazen elitism !

Gerald Warner greets this , and similar , tidings with enthusiasm in the same newspaper . (Read it . It's a cracker !)

One of the commenters makes an excellent point about Mandy's new-found enthusiasm for part-time education -
This Government is about to savagely cut the funding of the Open University. If the Government were remotely interested in increasing the participation of working class young people in university education it would be significantly increasing OU funding.

What is going on?

I think that the point of what Mandy is reported as saying in this article is quite simple. This is nothing other than a trick to increase Government dominance over the best universities in Britain (and the world.) This is another stage in the rolling out of the Brownite police state.

Better watch out , mate , or it'll be the "re-education"camp for you !

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