Friday, 31 July 2009

Quote of the Day

From a comment on Rod Liddle's article in The Spectator -

"There are 5 a's in raaaaacist ."

Quality .

Thursday, 30 July 2009

New Toy !

This is absolute class ! Try it out .

Arise Sir Barack !

An interesting , if tongue in cheek , article from the stalwart Daniel Hannan regarding the popular theory that the current US President was born a British subject (and is therefore ineligible to stand for his office).

I'm not one for conspiracy theories , the giant lizards on the grassy knoll told me they were p**h .

Although I'm intrigued by the Common Purpose debate (the more I read their protestations of innocence , the more I think they've got something to hide), I think some fair-minded patriots are getting a bit too worked up about them .

I was , however , drawn to this comment on Mr. Hannan's blog -
Obama’s birth certificate is not the only document at issue. There is no documentation available for his kindergarten records, his Punahou school records, his Occidental College records, his Columbia University records, his Columbia thesis, his Harvard Law School records, his Harvard Law Review articles, his scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, his passport, his medicalrecords, his files from his years as an Illinois state senator, his Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records, and his adoption records. None, zip, nada….
Just sayin’.

If this is true , and I've no reason to doubt it , then The Chosen One has got quite a few questions to answer .

Maths Down The Years

Teaching Maths according to Rantin Rab

1. Teaching Maths In 1970
A logger sells a truckload of timber for £100.
His cost of production is 4/5 of the price.
What is his profit?

2. Teaching Maths In 1980
A logger sells a truckload of timber for £100.
His cost of production is 80% of the price.
What is his profit?

3. Teaching Maths In 1990
A logger sells a truckload of timber for £100.
His cost of production is £80.
How much was his profit?

4. Teaching Maths In 2000
A logger sells a truckload of timber for £100.
His cost of production is £80 and his profit is £20.
Your assignment: Underline the number 20.

5. Teaching Maths In 2005
A logger cuts down a beautiful forest because he is selfish and inconsiderate and cares nothing for the habit of animals or the preservation of our woodlands. Your assignment: Discuss how the birds and squirrels might feel as the logger cut down their homes just for a measly profit of £20.

6. Teaching Maths In 2009
A logger is arrested for trying to cut down a tree in case it may be offensive to Muslims or other religious groups not consulted in the felling licence. He is also fined a £100 as his chainsaw is in breach of Health and Safety legislation as it deemed too dangerous and could cut something. He has used the chainsaw for over 20 years without incident however he does not have the correct certificate of competence and is therefore considered to be a recidivist and habitual criminal. His DNA is sampled and his details circulated throughout all government agencies. He protests and is taken to court and fined another £100 because he is such an easy target. When he is released he returns to find Gypsies have cut down half his wood to build a camp on his land. He tries to throw them off but is arrested, prosecuted for harassing an ethnic minority, imprisoned and fined a further £100. While he is in jail the Gypsies cut down the rest of his wood and sell it on the black market for £100 cash. They also have a leaving BBQ of squirrel and pheasant and depart leaving behind several tonnes of rubbish and asbestos sheeting. The logger on release is warned that failure to clear the fly tipped rubbish immediately at his own cost is an offence. He complains and is arrested for environmental pollution, breach of the peace and invoiced £12,000 plus VAT for safe disposal costs by a regulated government contractor.

Your assignment: How many times is the logger going to have to be arrested and fined before he realises that he is never going to make £20 profit by hard work, give up, sign onto the dole and live off the state for the rest of his life?

7. Teaching Maths In 2010
A logger doesn’t sell a lorry load of timber because he can’t get a loan to buy a new lorry because his bank has spent all his and their money on a derivative of securitised debt related to sub- prime mortgages in Alabama and lost the lot with only some government money left to pay a few million pound bonuses to their senior directors and the traders who made the biggest losses.

The logger struggles to pay the £1,200 road tax on his old lorry however, as it was built in the 1970s it no longer meets the emissions regulations and he is forced to scrap it.

Some Bulgarian loggers buy the lorry from the scrap merchant and put it back on the road. They undercut everyone on price for haulage and send their cash back home, while claiming unemployment for themselves and their relatives. If questioned they speak no English and it is easier to deport them at the governments expense. Following their holiday back home they return to the UK with different names and fresh girls and start again. The logger protests, is accused of being a bigoted racist and as his name is on the side of his old lorry he is forced to pay £1,500 registration fees as a gang master.

The Government borrows more money to pay more to the bankers as bonus's are not cheap. The parliamentarians feel they are missing out and claim the difference on expenses and allowances.
You do the maths.

8. Teaching Maths 2017
أ المسجل تبيع حموله شاحنة من الخشب من اجل 100 دولار. صاحب تكلفة الانتاج من
الثمن. ما هو الربح له؟

Repeal !

An excellent proposal for new legislation from Douglas Carswell -

A Great Repeal Bill !

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Recently I've been revising some half-forgotten topics to teach at A-level if I have to move South (or , more accurately , if anyone down South will employ me).

I picked up a volume of Thucydides I'd bought 2nd hand a few years ago .

Had a wee look at the cover to check the condition (some of my older books are in a helluva state , but this one is very good for its age).

Then I opened it up .

Have a wee look at the stamp .

I'd probably have thought it was a German library stamp , if I wasn't vaguely aware that an Oflag was a German POW camp for officers .

Oflag IX A/Z was located in Rotenburg an der Fulda in Hesse .

"Gepruft" apparently means "passed" , so the book had been checked on arriving at the camp .

Some officer POW from Glasgow (where I bought the book) had been sent this edition of the first true , Greek historian to keep his mind occupied .

He might have been from any regiment , or indeed , service , but I immediately thought of the two brigades of the 51st (Highland) Division captured at St.Valery-en-Caux in 1940 .

Kept by this officer as a treasured link to home and a wider western civilisation throughout the war and still in near-mint condition .

It is all the more unusual because William Heinemann's warehouse in London's dockland , full of this series of books , was burnt down in the Blitz shortly after .

Amazing , eh ?

Why Women Are To Blame For The Credit Crunch

Ask A Very British Dude .

Is There A "Right" To Healthcare ?

An excellent and thought-provoking article from Theodore Dalrymple in today's Wall Street Journal .

Very uncomfortable truths .

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Education (Repeat Twice To Convince The Proles You're Serious) , My Arse !

Wonderful news from the First Secretary of State , the Regent Mandy , about how our popular and well-respected government will improve the education of the poor and thus increase social mobility .

Apparently lack of attainment is not the fault of our pish-poor , Marxist-controlled state education .

Mais non !

It is actually the fault of universities who admit far too many clever people and expect them to study full-time !

What brazen elitism !

Gerald Warner greets this , and similar , tidings with enthusiasm in the same newspaper . (Read it . It's a cracker !)

One of the commenters makes an excellent point about Mandy's new-found enthusiasm for part-time education -
This Government is about to savagely cut the funding of the Open University. If the Government were remotely interested in increasing the participation of working class young people in university education it would be significantly increasing OU funding.

What is going on?

I think that the point of what Mandy is reported as saying in this article is quite simple. This is nothing other than a trick to increase Government dominance over the best universities in Britain (and the world.) This is another stage in the rolling out of the Brownite police state.

Better watch out , mate , or it'll be the "re-education"camp for you !

Monday, 27 July 2009

Lord Tebbit Speaks

A very strange interview with Lord Tebbit in the FT .

The lady interviewer clearly thinks he is some sort of ogre , but tries hard , though not quite hard enough , to hide it .

Best quote is regarding the IRA filth who badly injured him and crippled his wife .

Two years ago, BBC Radio 4 invited Tebbit to take part in a “healing” radio programme with Magee. The peer declined, having no taste for the modern appetite to massage away the atrocities of the past with an oily love-in and apologia. Tebbit sees this kind of appeasement as symptomatic of the weakness, decadence and lack of resolve in modern British society. “Do I want to meet these people? Yes, I would like to bump into them. If I was driving a heavy truck,” he says.

Move over Cameron . Let a real man in .

Norwich North 2

An excellent analysis from "across the pond " on National Review Online , regarding Norwich North and the future electoral prospects of the parties .

Among the gems was this one regarding the Cameroon "Project"'s lack of appeal to native , white conservatives (i.e. the majority of the population) and their votes for UKIP and the BNP -

Most of these came presumably from working-class nationalist voters who were unhappy with Labour but still suspicious of the Tories, especially Tories whose main electoral preoccupation is wooing metropolitan liberals with cuddly green policies.

Even better was this , totally accurate , observation on the Labour Party's un-distinguished history -

There have been five-and-a-half periods of Labour government since 1923. Ramsay MacDonald’s nine-month 1924 minority Labour administration is the half; it scarcely counts here. Of the five following governments, including the long Blair-Brown administration, four will have left office amid major economic and financial catastrophe when Brown does so. The voters may begin to notice a pattern.

Link to the other article which he mentions , written after the Euro-elections .

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Slash And Burn (Part 2)

If Proportional Representation is such a good idea , why didn't they have the referendum in 1997 ?

That this move is designed merely to weaken any in-coming Conservative government is emphasised by the fact that Labour would actually lose seats under such a system .

UK Polling Report currently has the Conservatives on 40% , Labour on 24% and the LibDems on 18% . Using Electoral Calculus this gives Conservative 375 , Labour 198 and LibDem 46 seats . A Conservative majority of 100 seats .

Under PR this becomes Conservative 258 , 155 Labour and 116 LibDem with 118 to others .

Labour have nothing to gain from this except to spread confusion , entrench their societal destruction , which they introduced with a non-PR mandate , and permanently weaken the power of Parliament .

Sounds about right . Just like the b*****ds !

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Scumbag Labour !

Are they getting a little rattled ?

Surely not ?

Link to original article (usual earnest , leftie , anti-BNP/free speech stuff . Unremarkable in itself , except for its rambling fatuity . Comment has been removed ).

Hat tip to Rantin Rab


Calling England has some interesting information on this post .

He notes that it was made on a Unite Against Fascism blog , the same outfit that shamed democracy by attacking , the admittedly v.dodgy , Nick Griffin outside Parliament recently .

More interestingly , he reminds us that UAF has been endorsed by the Boy David and the Conservative hierarchy .

Time for a re-think ?

Update 2

Looks like it could be a fake . Or , as Dan Rather put it , "untrue , but accurate".

Norwich North

Watching the media coverage of the Norwich North election today has been an education . The BBC , predictably , has sought to minimise their beloved "Project"'s spectacular defeat . Even Sky News attempted to say that the Conservative vote had fallen (in actual numbers on a reduced turn-out , not in percentage terms , they and the Beeb failed to add).

Pick of the crop , however , was this editorial from The Times -

During the long wait for the counting of ballots from the Norwich North by-election to be completed, Labour campaigners chatted amiably with their rivals. One Liberal Democrat reported that “Labour people are down but saying it was nearly so much worse”.

Let’s see. The Labour Party created a by-election it did not want, by ousting an MP it did not need to oust. It proceeded to select an activist from London to fill a vacancy created by a popular local figure. During the course of the by-election it was, for long periods at a time, incapable of mustering a large enough campaign force to deliver a leaflet across the whole constituency. The Labour candidate then caught swine flu. The party’s vote fell from 46 per cent to just over 18 per cent, one of the worst showings by a governing party in modern history. When the result was announced, the Labour candidate was unable to be present. He was replaced by his wife who, at the moment when thanks are traditionally conveyed to the polling staff, instead had to thank Norwich’s ambulance service.

How, precisely, do Labour campaigners think it could have been worse?

What joy !

When The Great Leader spouted out the statistical truth and lie that the Conservative vote had fallen in this election he should have borne in mind the statistics regarding the 1992 and 1997 General Elections .

Labour land-slide ? Surely it was a crushing defeat ?

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Labour Slash and Burn

As soon as it became clear , around the middle of last year , that the Labour Party were unlikely to win the next election , the phrase "slash and burn" sprang immediately to mind .
Wee Bobby in the pub asked me what I thought Labour would do now (he presumably meant "how will they try to get out of this mess") . I didn't see that they would even try .

"Slash and Burn " was my instant reaction .

Based on what , you may ask ?

The answer is manifold , but can be based on the twin themes of the essential confidence trick that was New Labour and the small-minded , prissy vindictiveness of the Socialist mind-set .

You will recall this much-criticised 1997 Conservative Election poster . Howls of derision emanated from the chattering classes at this portrayal of everyone's favourite "pretty straight kinda guy". Who could be so twisted as to deny his essential goodness and the obvious benefits he would shortly bring to our oppressed land ? None but Eevill Torees - the scum of the earth .

Who now doubts that it was an accurate portrayal of the in-coming regime ?

Blair , while pretending to be a moderate and a cleanser of corruption , brought us a deluge of anti-social , anti-British legislation and policy . From the removal of the final few restrictions on homosexual excess to the active promotion of "Gay Marriage" ; unlimited immigration and the attendant "human rights" racket (from which his wife and her pals directly profited); from "ethical foreign policy" to invading a succession of countries with little justification ; deploying our armed forces in wars across the globe , while disbanding units and starving the rest of resources ; from "equality" ( more like "privileged status") for the minority to the oppression of the many ; from appearing a "Good European" to surrendering our sovereignty to a new country called "Europe" ; from abolishing the death penalty for treason , to committing treason .

The list seems without end .

This was all part of "the Project" from Day 1 , Year 1 .

Now , while "progress" looks about to be stopped , they have to get some of their most poisonous ideas out of the road quickly .

Hence Harriet Harman's promotion of these various , frivolous "equality" laws , laws which create further privileged victim groups , principally women ,and further disadvantage others , principally men , fragmenting and dividing society on Marxist-Feminist lines .

They also need to poison the well for the in-coming Conservative government .

Hence the absolute refusal to admit that cuts in budgets are necessary - leading the Leader of the Opposition to warn that the result will be riots when the public realise they have been conned .

Hence the continual propagandist lying to Parliament - "0% growth".

Hence the ultimate betrayal of our democracy - a government hanging on with no authority , composed chiefly of un-elected EU placemen , in order to subject our country to the hated European Constitution , just long enough for it to be ratified and the over-whelming view of the people and the Opposition to be ignored ( as the government's own manifesto promise of a referendum is ignored) .

Our New Country After Labour Finally Leave Office

This corrupt , sleaze-ridden , anti-British , anti-democratic government will cling on for only a few months , but their evil legacy will remain with us for decades , if not centuries .

Friday, 10 July 2009


Courtesy of Mr. Neviglen -

Thursday, 9 July 2009

It's The Economy , Labour !

John Major (Fine Man !) on Brown's Bust and Our Future -

Hat Tip to Arden Forester

BBC Bias ?

Via RantinRab

No comment necessary .

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Stolen Quote Of The Day

From our Oriental Greek friend -
Onwards, then, to the second glorious decade of Scottish devolution. Here's Iain Gray, Labour's Scottish leader (Gray, Brown - they're all named after boring colours), extolling the virtues of the pretendy Parly:

"Has it [the Scottish Parliament] made a difference?" he asked rhetorically. "Yes it has. When the Parliament started one in five children in this country lived in poverty. That's now one in three. That's significant progress."

Iain Gray is a mathematics teacher.

Clearly Mr.Gray has been studying the Marxist school of mathematics , just like the Great Leader on the same day -