Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Trade Union Traitors

Jack Jones , the TGWU leader in the 1970's has recently died . His death was met with the blandest of obituaries , especially in The Guardian . Only Mrs.Dale was courageous enough to break ranks , but was howled down by the hypocritical left .

Yet , a few days later , this article appeared in the Telegraph . No less an authority than Soviet defector Oleg Gordievsky exposed Jones as a paid Soviet agent . He should know , as he was his KGB handler !

This theme is continued in the latest version of The Spectator where Douglas Eden takes the story further , linking several other Trades' Union leaders to the Soviet and Czech intelligence agencies . He also points out their vicious , anti-democratic nature and their attitude to the Labour Party .

I particularly liked this quote from Lenin , regarding the Labour Party , directed to the sainted Sylvia Pankhurst "‘Support the Labour party as the rope supports the hanged man."

Read it all , then tell it to the next leftist drone who tells you "Fatcha single-handedly destroyed our country , innit ?"

Fools !


neviglen said...

Hi lets be honest they are all there for their own gains even ther royal family GOD SAVE THE QUEEN as for fatcha she was no Florance Nightingale. P.S got a profile.

The Young Oligarch said...

Neviglen -

There's a difference between being in it for yourself (although being married to a millionaire or being Queen you don't have to be) and selling your country down the river to the most evil dictatorship of the past 500 years (at least).

Profile is good .

Martin said...

Let us say that there are some of us who take anything Old Uncle Oleg says with a pinch of salt. Once a spook, always a spook.

The Young Oligarch said...

I understand that , Martin . But if , as I'm sure you do , you recall the Labour/trade union movement of those days , it has more than a little credibility .

The Young Oligarch said...

Sorry for being a bit brusque there , Martin .

I thought you were the"Fucking Jocks" Martin from Biased BBC .

Hope your health is keeping up .
I'm in the pink , for once .

Martin said...

Quite all right.