Thursday, 25 June 2009

SNP Lunacy

In common with a large number of Scots , I have a soft spot for Mr. Alex Salmond's SNP administration . His rotund joviality and wise-cracking style are a blast of cool , clear air into the foetid swamp of Labour-dominated Scottish politics .
Unfortunately , just behind his well-padded shoulders , stand screaming lunatics like Christine Grahame , list MSP for the South of Scotland (and therefore directly elected by Mr.Salmond and not the electorate).

Ms.Grahame is the woman who , famously issued a press release calling , Scotland's flag ,the Union Jack , a "butcher's apron" ,"a tarnished global image" and that this was a view supported by "most Scots" .
She has also called for such pressing Scottish needs as the repatriation of Mary , Queen of Scots remains , re-annexation of Berwick and obstruction of the Borders Rail Link .

Now she has found a real cause to fight .

She has intervened in a row at the National Library of Scotland over excessive displays of the St.Andrew's Cross !

Some SNP sympathiser there seems to have decked out his/her desk with 3 large flags and covered their office chair with tartan ! In short , one of the desks at the National Library looked like a shortbread tin with Fran and Anna on the lid .

Unsurprisingly , management considered this a tad over-the-top .

This being Leftist , public sector management , matters of taste or proportion could not be used to justify having the display removed or toned down - that would be judgemental . Instead , a complete cop-out was agreed , whereby the display was banned on the grounds that it could ""intimidate non-Scottish colleagues".

Playing the Race Card !
Now two leftist causes come head-to-head !
Did Scottish Nationalist socialism trump the Racism construct ?

Ms. Grahame clearly knew .
The e-mail has prompted a wider debate about workplace etiquette and the politicisation of the saltire, with Nationalist MSP Christine Grahame lambasting a "completely unacceptable slur" against Scotland's national flag.

The MSP – who yesterday protested in front of the library in Edinburgh brandishing a large saltire – accused managers of a "deliberate assault" on the flag and of trying to "purge" it from view.

She said: "I would have thought that in the National Library of Scotland, they would have understood the place the saltire has in Scottish hearts as one of the oldest national symbols in existence."

That the said St. Andrew's Cross (why do they call it "The Saltire" if they don't subordinate our nation's flag to petty anti-racism?) was flying above the building , along with Ms.Grahame's hated "butcher's apron" , cut no ice .
The right to work draped in national symbols was so sacred that no criticism was to be allowed .

Most reasonable comment on the debacle came from Annabelle Goldie (sometimes she does speak up).

Scottish Conservative leader Annabel Goldie blamed Alex Salmond, saying: "Incidents like this are happening because Alex has politicised the saltire. I warned him a year ago that the saltire was our national flag, not his Nationalist symbol."

Very true , Annabelle , but that's the whole point . Witness this comment from another leftist drone -
Academic Peter Lynch, who wrote a history of nationalism in Scotland, said: "This tells you that some people are a bit uneasy about the saltire as a symbol, but I find it hard to see why. It is not like the union flag, which has connotations of Northern Ireland and the Democratic Unionist Party. The saltire doesn't come with that sort of baggage."

Or this from Christine Grahame on another day she had skipped her medication -
A spokesman for Gordon Brown said: "In recent years the Union flag has all too often become the preserve of political extremists, a symbol of discord rather than harmony." Thankfully the Saltire carries no such connotations.

There we have it . In Leftie Nat-Land the Union Jack , flag of the most successful political union in history , custodian of freedom , destroyer of tyrants , slayer of Fascism and National Socialism , freer of the slaves , is a symbol of evil .
It must not be displayed , but replaced by Scotland's older national emblem which is incorporated into it . National consciousness must be replaced by Nationalist consciousness , then , eventually ,Communitarianism .

But that , of course , doesn't apply to other devolved governments - they also are evil and must be shunned , lest we should be reminded of our many shared links .

Pathetic !


Funny how they never like the way our flag was displayed before the Union ...

or , how working class Scottish patriots choose to display their country's flags ?

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