Sunday, 7 June 2009


Glasgow of the 50's

I have sometimes been accused by Leftists of wishing our culture to revert to the 1950's and that I ignore the inevitable triumph of progressive socialism .

There is some truth in this - I do think we had a much better culture before the left-liberals started to muck about with it in the 60's .

It has just occured to me that both they and I share this same nostalgia for that decade .

I see Scotland or Australia of the 50's as examples of cultural stability and virility .

They prefer to model our society on Poland or Rumania of that same decade !
Poland of the 50's


neviglen said...

Hello caps lock off. I was born in the fifties four of us in a 1 bed
roomed flat without a bathroom we had a outside toilet I wonder if you can imagine using this place in the winter.My parents had to go to the public baths which is not the same as a bath then bed.Were
you around in the fifties? I don't think so quote MUCH BETTER unquote.
I will try to get you a Flux Capacitor which makes time travel possible then you can sample your much loved fifties.P S thank for your replies.

The Young Oligarch said...

Thank you for kind reply , Neviglen .

Of course , we are materially better off than the 50's , or for that matter the 60's or the 70's .

But can you say that we are better off morally and culturally ?

More to the point , was it leftism that made us materially better off ? If so , then why didn't the purer , uninterrupted form of leftism on offer behind the Iron Curtain provide these benefits ?

Or could it be that Dialectic Materialism is a load of p**h ?

neviglen said...

Okay we were morally& culturally but some countries behind the Iron Curtain the people are worse of before the goverment controlled the food then. Now they are short of food because it is too dear or farmer's don.t get their share anymore a bit like Asda they fix the price.

The Young Oligarch said...

Ah , Neviglen .
Eastern Europe isn't that bad now , they all stay in Forgewood or Muirhouse .

Think what it used to be like before the Iron Curtain fell - having to wait years to get inferior quality carpets fitted .

We , in the West , have highly trained , self-employed technicians who cheerfully perform this valuable social function without having to involve Comrade Stalin or the KGB .

neviglen said...

Well done detective Latin you have
discovered my identity or have you ?

The Young Oligarch said...

Neviglen .

Regards to Margaret and the weans .