Monday, 8 June 2009

Euro Melt-Down - Part Deux

Has anyone being watching the BBC's coverage tonight ? Of course not . It's the middle of the night .

I've taped it to watch again .

It's like the Queen has died .

Or , more to the point , they would be much more jovial if such a catastrophe had occurred.

No attempt at impartiality when saying things like "It's been a bad night." Inane questions like "Do the BNP voters know that they have voted for a party with such repellent views ?" Polly Toynbee nearly crying because her beloved commissars lost to the Conservatives in Wales .

Let them eat cake ! How can these ingrates have turned against their wise and kind masters ?

They've even stopped the "It's a poor vote for the eevill Torees " bit , when it finally sank in that UKIP came second and they're a party which exists to tell the Conservative leadership that its more pro-EU and left-wing than its membership .

It seems to have clicked that , come the general election , almost all of these votes will be back to the Conservatives , however reluctantly , and that together they gained 46% !
Electoral Calculus makes that result a majority of 358 !

In an attempt to deflect the flak from the dieing days of the Great Leader's rule , they started off concentrating on the results from foreign countries on the continent. Then it dawned that the left were getting humped all over !

Ha !

I did feel sorry for the comely young continental lady who they employ as token EU correspondent . She looked so sad and bewildered at this terrible set-back for "The Project".

Now they've resorted to reporting the Lebanese elections to find a result more to their liking !

What joy it is to be alive this day !

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