Monday, 22 June 2009


Where can I begin ? The new Speaker of The House of Commons - John Bercow .
Unprincipled , pseudo-Blairite clone on the make or merely a troughing chancer ?

"I resemble that remark !"

For me , any doubt that he was just another of Tony's cronies , shoe-horned into his position as a tame Labour placeman was dispelled by the reaction of the Labour benches to his election . First some harridan shouted out "Yes !" as if in the throes of passion . Then the other drones started to applaud . Both very un-Parliamentary behaviours .

What their agenda is , we will find out in due course . The fact remains , however , that , yet again , the machinations of the Labour Party have further demeaned one of the great offices of state and Parliament in general .

Shame on them !

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