Wednesday, 17 June 2009

False Economy

According to Guido , nice , middle-of-the-road ,fluffy ,etc.,.Nick Clegg , has decided that Britain should not have nuclear weapons , but should concentrate on "priorities" like "skoolsnospitals","Gay" rights ,useless ugly wind-mills and oh-so-effective "recycling". Apparently “We have to be realistic and candid about what we can and can’t afford as a nation”.

Here's my comment , which Guido has yet to delete .
All of the arguments against Defence spending are driven by the politicians’ need to spend on “skoolsnospitals” to secure popularity .
This is compounded by their tendency to concentrate spending on “fighting the last war”.
In the 90’s we were told that the Cold War was over , so disbanding half the army was justified – now we’re chronically short of troops .
In the 80’s Labour wanted to do away with OUR nuclear weapons to help their Commie pals and were threatening to build up British armoured units in Germany – is that sensible now ?
In the 60’s Labour and the Liberals (yes , Jeremy Thorpe did make it his key defence policy) withdrew all our troops from east of Suez . That’s why the Persian Gulf , along with much of the Middle East became so unstable and why we are unable to project power much beyond Cyprus . No rogue states or major problems in that half of the globe , so that worked out well , didn’t it ?
That same Wilson Government also savagely reduced our infantry regiments to the extent that we needed to use artillerymen , engineers and even bloody sailors as infantry in Northern Ireland just a couple of years later !

Double defence expenditure now ! Don’t fritter away our country’s power and influence on MRSA extension or the the National Ignorance and Criminality Programme which is comprehensive education !

In one way I do agree with Mr.Clegg we do need to be realistic about what we can afford . Unlike him , I would go through the public sector with a metaphorical machete in order to release enough money to keep this country safe and powerful .
Clegg wants to rely on others (very unsafe under The Obamessiah) or trust to our luck .
Or is it that Mr.Clegg doesn't believe in Britain being a nation state at all , wanting to submerge our forces in a Euro-Army ?
Sadly , it appears that our current government has the same idea .


North Northwester said...

"Unlike him , I would go through the public sector with a metaphorical machete in order to release enough money to keep this country safe and powerful."

Start with everything in's roll of dishonour, the LEAs, the Environment Agency, the Probation Service and all the quality of life quangos - UK Sport, the Arts Councils of each home country, etc.

Oh, and whoever the hell's been buying those crap APCs for the troops, though we could get him a Spacehopper and use him as a disposable mine detector.

The Young Oligarch said...

Thank you , Mr. North Northwester .
We seem to be thinking on very similar lines .