Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Traitors , as well ...?

Not content with forcing us all unwillingly to bear witness to their disgusting pathology , those who identify themselves primarily by their bizarre sexual perversion have for several years adopted a flag of their own .
Described as a "Rainbow Flag" it looks as if it would be at home representing a tiny Himalayan kingdom run by bald men in saffron robes .

But , no ! It is the flag of the Nation of Homosexuals !

Not content with apeing marriage and family life in a revolting parody of all that is decent , now they have to pretend to be a nation as well ! Surely it is only a matter of time before their self-appointed commissars adopt a national anthem , elect a LGBT People's Congress and appoint a Head of State (either Graham Norton or Peter Tatchell).

Unfortunately Nice Mr. Tony Blair abolished the death penalty for traitors as one of his first acts of treasonous government , so there is no suitable punishment for those who abrogate their status as British subjects to become subjects of Sodom .

Instead , through the influence of the toxic Blair/Brown tyranny , our Police forces have become so corrupted that they not only routinely harass those morally opposed to the homosexualists preferred perversion , but they also see fit to haul down Our Country's Flag and replace it with this revolting banner of Sodom .

In a normal , functioning country this would be regarded as both treasonable and morally repugnant .

Field Marshal Montgomery , in the debate on the de-criminalisation of homosexuality in the House of Lords , described the bill as "a bugger's charter" .

He was far wide of the mark . It has gone from being a demeaning perversion for a poor , sad individual to a demeaning perversion of a whole country - indeed , the whole western world .

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