Thursday, 28 May 2009

More on Mr. Rennie

While researching the previous post I came upon this article in Cicero's Songs .

The author is very supportive of Mr.Rennie , particularly from a Liberal Democrat political perspective . Typically , for a follower of a political movement without any values , he seems to believe that Christianity should have none either . Specifically he says this to justify his political ally .
I don't think I remember the Nazarene who said "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" and "turn the other cheek" also declare himself in favour of ugly witch hunts, exclusion and intolerance.

That this bears no relation to any of the arguments should be obvious to all .(See my earlier post).

Much more interesting is the response this elicits from one of the hitherto unheard members of the Queen's Cross congregation .

As a Queen's Cross regular attender and having heard him preach, I have no doubts that he could have been suited for this post BUT Scott is not 'at bay'.

He is a political person and knew he was putting the Church into a confrontantial position by highlighting his 'partner' joining him in the manse.

His 'amicable' relationship with his ex-wife also disguised his active role in 'Fathers for Justice' - not quite an avenue most 'amicable' break up fathers take.

Am I sorry for the position Scott is in? It is of his own choosing and to further his cause and break up the unity of the Church of Scotland.

Am I sorry for the position he has put the Queen's Cross Congregation in? Too true!! He has fragmented a loving, loyal, accepting, band of people and used them for his own ends.

If they were to vote now, knowing how they had been duped, he would never have received support.

So, so, sad!!

So much for " a sincere and kindly Christian Minister " .

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