Thursday, 28 May 2009

Love the Sinner , Hate the Sin

It is tempting to consider Mr. Rennie , currently of Brechin Cathedral and soon to be Queen's Cross, Aberdeen , to be a bad man .

He is an admitted sodomite , yet does not repent and seek God's forgiveness . Indeed he demands that God , or at least God's will as manifested in Holy Scripture , should change to suit him .

He has abandoned his wife and child and now lives as man and wife with another man .

He has plunged the Kirk into a crisis to affirm his own rejection of Holy Scripture and redefine what Christianity is , in favour of appeasing the sinner and rejecting the godly .

Bigoted Homosexualists and the left-liberal elite demand toleration for this sinful behaviour , while loudly proclaiming their intolerance of Christian conscience .

But .

He is a man . He is a sinner . God loves him . So should we .

Mr. Rennie's views can be explained by much in his background . Helpfully , Mr.Rennie provides us with a brief biographical note on Brechin Cathedral's website .

He is clearly a gifted academic , studying for several degrees at Aberdeen and also doing postgraduate work in America .

He supports his local football team . One whose supporters regard themselves as morally superior to others , in that they hate people from anywhere outside Aberdeen , rather than those with whom one has real disagreements .

He is an active member of the Liberal Democrat Party (value-free , fluffy leftism embodied) being a candidate at both Westminster and Scottish Parliamentary elections .

His whole life has been dominated by this new morality of left-liberalism .
No values . Just vicious , intolerant , fluffy nice-ness .

His political activism and the contradictory vacuity of its moral and political message are the real originators of this crisis . That and Mr. Rennie's sin .

But , let us remember , we are all miserable sinners .

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