Saturday, 16 May 2009

Church Speaks For Christianity !

The on-going controversy over the openly homosexual minister in Aberdeen has exposed not only the modish leftism of the Kirk's nomenklatura , but also the light of Christian belief in the body of the Kirk .

Rev.Tom Watson of Kirkmuirhill preached a sermon on Christian orthodoxy before his small rural congregation , before posting the said sermon on his equally obscure blog .

That was on the Saturday . By the Wednesday this distorted hatchet-job had appeared in The Labourgraph .

It is typically English in it's attempt to find a "church leader" to speak to , in the form of Mr.McKenzie of Crathie Kirk - he's the Queen's minister , so he must be like the Archbishop of Canterbury , right ?
It is also typically leftist in the smears , insinuations and superficiality of its reporting .

Let us remember what happened to Pastor Ake Green in the leftist eutopia of Sweden when he dared to preach a similar sermon to a similarly small rural congregation .

It is time for all believers to stand up spiritually and politically before such moral and totalitarian evil is the norm here as well .

I therefore commend the Overture From The Presbytery of Lochcarron and Skye to all readers .

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