Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Real City Madness

Is it just me , or is the violence in the City of London beginning to look staged ? Why did the government allow such large and coordinated demonstrations to take place when peaceful lone protesters have been lifted for reading out the names of our war dead near the Cenotaph ? Why has the B.B.C. been so supportive a cheer-leader for these violent planned outbursts , trailing all coverage with the song "The Times They Are A'Changing"? How long can my T.V. screen survive without me throwing something through it when Robert Peston , economic and political commissar of the B.B.C. , turns up to whine his slimy , pro-government spin ?

Go On , Officer ! Hit the c**t harder !

Looks like I'm going to have to make several posts on all this over the next few days . Got a doctor's appointment , but will blog later (while shouting at News 24 on the telly - Peston permitting .

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