Tuesday, 28 April 2009

More On Miss America

An excellent post on Panem et Circenses regarding the Homosexualist Left's hatred for humanity (and Miss California , Carrie Prejean , in particular).
Why do they feel the need to shout down and smear those who make even the most mild statement of belief in a normal society ? A society where no-one is persecuted for whatever bizarre sexual perversions they practise , nor are they allowed to elevate it to being the equal of Christian marriage .

Nor is it just the Left that are up to this intolerant game ! Alan Duncan , Shadow Leader of the House of Commons has openly stated on BBC telly that the poor lassie should be murdered for expressing support for normality !
Watch it , it's still on I-Player (Have I got News For You , Friday 24th Apr)

Smirking Homosexual Activist Threatens To Murder Petite Blonde
Cameron should immediately sack this poltroon ! But , then again , Cameron has form for supporting this pernicious agenda .

Seems this is another issue on which the metrosexual elite are going to force us to accept their libertine views on society - to the detriment of us all .
Gratuitous Second Picture Of Miss California

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