Monday, 23 March 2009

The Obamessiah , That Woman and The Special Olympics

Remember Sarah Palin ?

That's right . The woman who was too stupid , bigoted , common , good-looking , heterosexual , maternal , hard-working , etc.,to get anywhere near the centre of power . After all - she wasn't part of the hyper-wealthy liberal elite , was she ? Far less the sort of FemiNazi the left prefer in their female politicians .

Well our friends at A Tangled Web have a nice juxtaposition of two videos for you to watch .

One shows the baby-eating oppressor of humanity , hick-town demagogue and traitor to wimmin everywhere , speaking about the Special Olympics in her capacity as Governor of Alaska .

The other shows the President of the United States speaking on the same topic , on prime-time national T.V. no less .

This man was hailed during the campaign as the greatest orator of our time , a moral champion , an equal of (the Republican ) Lincoln . He was built up into a god-like figure and worshipped by the media and his other followers as they reviled , smeared and lied about Governor Palin .

Watch the two videos and judge for yourself who is the better human being .

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