Thursday, 19 March 2009

More On "Passive Drinking"

Farewell , O Faithful Pint !

Some great comments on the proposed Drink Tax , some nearly as eloquent as my own .

The definitely underaged Mr E takes on the Drink-Finder General from the positive angle that alcohol is a much greater social good than an evil .
I cannot find a word in his post with which to disagree .
Why should we be ashamed , far less forced to be ashamed , of a normal time-honoured human pleasure which has so many obvious benefits ?

To see life from a perspective of the need to protect our bodies ( mere biological machines ) at all costs is certainly soulless and verges on the evil . It is certainly pagan in origin , being an extreme interpretation of Epicureanism .

An even more detailed critique of this euro/medical anti-drink hysteria is contained in the excellent Rod Liddle's article in the new edition of The Spectator .

He makes several good points , firstly pointing out that medical mistakes , accidents and hospital infections kill more people than drinking , smoking and obesity .
He then points out Sir Liam's cavalier use of statistics , before going on to couple it all to a train of events started by the smoking ban . As he so rightly says , we all knew that was "the thin end of the wedge" .

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