Monday, 16 March 2009

First They Came For The Smokers

A Happy Pub Scene Before The Health Nazis Shut It Down !

An interesting (and strongly worded) post from Jackart on A Very British Dude about the proposed government minimum drink price and their co-ordinated attack on drinkers in general and pub drinkers in particular .

This campaign seems to be driven onward by two major factions of the Leftie party elite , both obsessed with control .

One , more obvious , is the Leftie Health-Fascist faction who won't be satisfied until we're all eating sawdust and drinking filtered water ( to which fluoride , vitamins and mind-numbing drugs will then be added).
Correction , they won't be satisfied , they'll just find something else to be po-faced and authoritarian about !
This faction is the true inheritor of the impulse which gave the 19thC the expression "cold as charity". Unpleasant and censorious under the mask of doing good .

The other faction involved is the civil-authoritarian Jacqui Smith-type clique . Their reasoning is that people meet in pubs ; they talk to each other , by-passing many social , religious and political divides ; what they say cannot be controlled by the elite in the way that they control the broadcast media and almost all workplaces . The pub is therefore dangerous and must be squeezed out of existence .

Seriously , how many times have you heard a Leftie politician refer sneeringly to "Saloon Bar bores" ?

That's you and me ! To them we're the lowest form of life !
Well , except for bloggers , that is .
They hate bloggers for the same reason-lack of control (for them).

So here's a message from one of my fellow drunks to Sir Liam Donaldson , Nicola Sturgeon and all at fake charity Alcohol Concern !

Get It Right Up Ye !

Stevie Expresses His Disapproval Of The Smoking Ban and The Minimum Drink Prices (Watched On By Bemused Locals).

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