Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Czech Mate

I saw a brief item on BBC News 24 last night regarding the fall of a coalition government in the Czech Republic . I thought it was strange at the time , as the Beeb invariably ignores politics in small European countries . Even stranger was the sneering , dismissive tone - "Perhaps the next one will last longer" is the sort of thing the news-reader said .

Now , via the lovely Trixy , all has been made clear .

The pro-Lisbon Topolanek has lost a vote of confidence as Czech Prime Minister which means that the fabulous Vaclav Klaus, who has 4 1/2 years left of his presidency, can appoint a new Prime Minister.

And guess what? My Czech sources tell me that it's going to be someone who is against the Lisbon Treaty. Whodathunkit!

For those of you who get their news from the BBC and the Daily Record , Vaclav Klaus is the Czech President , a man hated by the Euro-left . Why ? Cos he opposes the Holy Lisbon Treaty , the anti-democratic article of faith for the left . He also thinks man-made global warming is a politically motivated scam .

Last December he was subjected to a tirade of abuse by Trotskyist MEPs in his own palace , an experience he compared to the dark days of Communism in his country.

This puts him and his views in a much stronger position . No wonder the Beeb were upset .

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