Monday, 16 March 2009

Anti-Patriotic Stupidity !

That's it ! I've finally had enough to break my slothful silence !

Harriet Bloody Harman !

Labour Party Idiots !

I am struggling to work out which one is the most corrupt , inept and generally unworthy of life - Harriet or the Scottish ZanuLabour drones .

The drones win it by an nose because they voted for her and thus created this hideous situation .

The real problem here , despite the angle the Mail puts on it , is not that Scottish and English accents are mutually unintelligible . If that were the case , then how can we understand the English ? Or are they blessed with an inherent clarity of diction denied to we mere mortals ?

No! The problem is , as usual with our Marxist-influenced society , political , and Harriet Harman is the very embodiment of this .

Harriet Harman is , let us remember , the uber-liberal Deputy Leader of the People's Party .
She is also very Upper Class , being the neice of an Earl (OK , a mad , criminal-loving Earl ) and well-connected in upper-class London society .
She and her party are elected to their position of power by posing as the friend of the workers and the common people of Britain . Indeed , the party was specifically set up to represent these people by a Scotsman . Instead she has ignored these people during her career and concentrated on the promotion of feminism , anti-racism , homosexual rights and other such anti-social nonsense .

She is as far removed in her background and views from the ordinary people of Britain as it is possible to be without changing one's name to Marie Antoinette or Osama Bin Laden .

Now faced with a question and answer session at the Scottish Labour Party Conference she has found herself unable to understand the speech of a delegate from one of the Heartlands of her party , an area on whose votes her political position depends .

Would she have pronounced herself unable to understand a recent immigrant from Jamaica or Algeria ?

The answer to this question says so much about how very many areas of our country , areas once regarded as the heart of the empire , have been marginalised and ignored by our political class .

While the political power of the Labour Party relies heavily on the former industrial heartlands of the North and West of Britain , the leadership and the ideology are much more heavily influenced by the South and East .

This is despite the often heard complaints of Southern English commenters that the current Government is dominated by Scots . While Gordon Brown is Scottish , just look at the others .

Blair , born in Edinburgh ,lived in Newcastle , attended an English public school in Edinburgh - moved straight away to England and joined the metrosexual liberal-left set .

Of all the Cabinet of 23 members , 14 were born and educated in the South of England . And that's in a Labour Party Government , supposedly dominated by Scotland and the North of England . The nearest the North of England gets to representation is Hazel Blears !

Such a government is inevitably driven by the concerns of the South and East of Britain , especially the concerns of the metropolitan upper-middle classes for whom the common people are recently arrived immigrants and those in need of state protection are homosexuals and high-flying female executives .

To these people , Harriet Harman chief amongst them , the native , working class population of Lanarkshire , Glasgow , Newcastle , Leeds , Manchester and all the others , are inhabitants of a foreign country .

Why should we expect them even to understand the words we utter ?

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