Thursday, 26 March 2009


Daniel Hannan is still an Independent Conservative in the Euro-Tribunal , not a member of UKIP . It's great to see a Conservative speaking without Cameron-style guile and tell the truth with passion !

He has , however ,become the most popular politician on the internet and if this is anything to judge by , seems to be becoming an American sensation , as well .

Hannan for President / P.M. !

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Vote UKIP !

Some more things you won't see in the Beeb . Gordon Brown being , very eloquently , held to account in the European Parliament by Daniel Hannan

and Nigel Farage -

I'm seriously thinking about voting for these guys this time . You only ever get to see them on the internet , but they make a lot of sense .

Czech Mate

I saw a brief item on BBC News 24 last night regarding the fall of a coalition government in the Czech Republic . I thought it was strange at the time , as the Beeb invariably ignores politics in small European countries . Even stranger was the sneering , dismissive tone - "Perhaps the next one will last longer" is the sort of thing the news-reader said .

Now , via the lovely Trixy , all has been made clear .

The pro-Lisbon Topolanek has lost a vote of confidence as Czech Prime Minister which means that the fabulous Vaclav Klaus, who has 4 1/2 years left of his presidency, can appoint a new Prime Minister.

And guess what? My Czech sources tell me that it's going to be someone who is against the Lisbon Treaty. Whodathunkit!

For those of you who get their news from the BBC and the Daily Record , Vaclav Klaus is the Czech President , a man hated by the Euro-left . Why ? Cos he opposes the Holy Lisbon Treaty , the anti-democratic article of faith for the left . He also thinks man-made global warming is a politically motivated scam .

Last December he was subjected to a tirade of abuse by Trotskyist MEPs in his own palace , an experience he compared to the dark days of Communism in his country.

This puts him and his views in a much stronger position . No wonder the Beeb were upset .

Labour Laughing-Stock

Via Jess the Dog

Hilarious !
Even the Beeb have given up parroting the "Tory Sleaze","1994","Labour are pretty straight kinda guys" pish every 2 minutes .

Although , last time I looked , they were still saying Keith Vaz wasn't an oleaginous corrupt bastard .

Monday, 23 March 2009

The Obamessiah , That Woman and The Special Olympics

Remember Sarah Palin ?

That's right . The woman who was too stupid , bigoted , common , good-looking , heterosexual , maternal , hard-working , etc.,to get anywhere near the centre of power . After all - she wasn't part of the hyper-wealthy liberal elite , was she ? Far less the sort of FemiNazi the left prefer in their female politicians .

Well our friends at A Tangled Web have a nice juxtaposition of two videos for you to watch .

One shows the baby-eating oppressor of humanity , hick-town demagogue and traitor to wimmin everywhere , speaking about the Special Olympics in her capacity as Governor of Alaska .

The other shows the President of the United States speaking on the same topic , on prime-time national T.V. no less .

This man was hailed during the campaign as the greatest orator of our time , a moral champion , an equal of (the Republican ) Lincoln . He was built up into a god-like figure and worshipped by the media and his other followers as they reviled , smeared and lied about Governor Palin .

Watch the two videos and judge for yourself who is the better human being .

Sunday, 22 March 2009

The Nature of Leftism

Found as a link from our Australian friends in Eye on Britain , an essay on the motivation , ideology and methodology of the western left . I particularly liked this sentence , somewhere in the middle -

This constant lack of realism makes Leftists significant enemies of rationality.

Says it all , I think .

String 'Em Up !

Courtesy of our friend , Mr D , some videos of how to treat the druggie thieves who blight our society -

And from Spain -

Sports Roundup

Not that I am suggesting that my esteemed readers may have amongst their number some slavering perverts who would like nothing better than to drool over photos of nubile Russian cheerleaders , but .....

They won't be any good to our German friends , however ,as they all seem to be out of primary school uniform .

Found via ARRSE .

A Great and High Culture ?

Only last week I remarked to my friend , Mr.B , that Germany was once the proud custodian of "a great and high culture". I cannot remember where I heard the phrase , but if one thinks of the cultural achievements of the German nation in literature , music , philosophy , science and many other fields , it is surely apt .
Politically they have let themselves down , somewhat , since the dismissal of Bismarck as Chancellor , but these achievements still bring comfort and inspiration to those interested in Western Civilisation and , indeed , humanity .

It was with sadness , therefore , that I saw on the noble Archbishop Cranmer's website this pamphlet issued by the German State .

This booklet, entitled ‘Body, Love and Playing Doctor’ emanates from Germany’s Ministry for Family Affairs, and it encourages parents to ‘sexually massage’ their children as young as 1-3 years of age. There is a sequel for children aged 4-6 years of age which recommends teaching them the movements of sexual intercourse.

Astonishingly, the booklet advises: ‘Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters. Their caresses too seldom pertain to these regions, while this is the only way the girls can develop a sense of pride in their sex.’

The child touches all parts of their father's body, sometimes arousing him. The father should do the same.’

Such rampant , disgusting immorality from a country once so civilised !

And I thought the euro-lefties had sunk to a Philistine low with their perversion of marriage with "civil partnerships" !

What next ? The Fire of Moloch ?

Read the whole article .

Saturday, 21 March 2009

...Then They Came For The Drinkers , and Then...

More NuLabour Health Solutions

Via the excellent and perpetually infant Mr E an interesting suggestion from the hitherto obscure Unenlightened Commentary suggesting a possible new target for the Drink Finder General's wrath .

No Smoking , No Drinking ,and then forced to explode through a build-up of unreleased "ardour" !

Be afraid . Wear boxing gloves . Be very afraid .

Thursday, 19 March 2009

More On The (Other) Smoking Ban

Talking of Smoking Bans - here's a picture that you don't see very often !

I wonder why ?

Bet he doesnae have to stand outside in the snow !

More On "Passive Drinking"

Farewell , O Faithful Pint !

Some great comments on the proposed Drink Tax , some nearly as eloquent as my own .

The definitely underaged Mr E takes on the Drink-Finder General from the positive angle that alcohol is a much greater social good than an evil .
I cannot find a word in his post with which to disagree .
Why should we be ashamed , far less forced to be ashamed , of a normal time-honoured human pleasure which has so many obvious benefits ?

To see life from a perspective of the need to protect our bodies ( mere biological machines ) at all costs is certainly soulless and verges on the evil . It is certainly pagan in origin , being an extreme interpretation of Epicureanism .

An even more detailed critique of this euro/medical anti-drink hysteria is contained in the excellent Rod Liddle's article in the new edition of The Spectator .

He makes several good points , firstly pointing out that medical mistakes , accidents and hospital infections kill more people than drinking , smoking and obesity .
He then points out Sir Liam's cavalier use of statistics , before going on to couple it all to a train of events started by the smoking ban . As he so rightly says , we all knew that was "the thin end of the wedge" .

Monday, 16 March 2009

First They Came For The Smokers

A Happy Pub Scene Before The Health Nazis Shut It Down !

An interesting (and strongly worded) post from Jackart on A Very British Dude about the proposed government minimum drink price and their co-ordinated attack on drinkers in general and pub drinkers in particular .

This campaign seems to be driven onward by two major factions of the Leftie party elite , both obsessed with control .

One , more obvious , is the Leftie Health-Fascist faction who won't be satisfied until we're all eating sawdust and drinking filtered water ( to which fluoride , vitamins and mind-numbing drugs will then be added).
Correction , they won't be satisfied , they'll just find something else to be po-faced and authoritarian about !
This faction is the true inheritor of the impulse which gave the 19thC the expression "cold as charity". Unpleasant and censorious under the mask of doing good .

The other faction involved is the civil-authoritarian Jacqui Smith-type clique . Their reasoning is that people meet in pubs ; they talk to each other , by-passing many social , religious and political divides ; what they say cannot be controlled by the elite in the way that they control the broadcast media and almost all workplaces . The pub is therefore dangerous and must be squeezed out of existence .

Seriously , how many times have you heard a Leftie politician refer sneeringly to "Saloon Bar bores" ?

That's you and me ! To them we're the lowest form of life !
Well , except for bloggers , that is .
They hate bloggers for the same reason-lack of control (for them).

So here's a message from one of my fellow drunks to Sir Liam Donaldson , Nicola Sturgeon and all at fake charity Alcohol Concern !

Get It Right Up Ye !

Stevie Expresses His Disapproval Of The Smoking Ban and The Minimum Drink Prices (Watched On By Bemused Locals).

Clinton Confused

The Oval Office's most famous Onanist seems a little confused regarding the function of his discarded "man paste".

Via Archbishop Cranmer

President Clinton on stem cell research - 'embryos are not fertilised’

Clinton justified embryonic stem cell research by stating five times in an interview that embryos are not fertilised. And Dr Sanjay Gupta – CNN’s chief medical correspondent and former candidate for President Obama’s abortion surgeon general – not once challenged or corrected him.

Do these "Progressives" think we are all as ignorant , stupid and small-minded as them ?

Or is it another case of "I did not sleep with that woman ".


Very sad news regarding the death of Sir Nicholas Henderson , H.M.'s Ambassador in Washington during the Falklands War .

The Telegraph has an excellent obituary .

The funniest part , for me , anyway , was the news that when French President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing visited the Queen in 1976 she made him a gift of a black Labrador called - wait for it - Sambo !

Can you imagine the wailing and ululation that would emit from the elite classes today ?

Conservative Quiz

Via Mrs Dale , a link to this fascinating quiz .

It measures how "Progressive" i.e. Leftie you are .

200 is in the middle , 400 is Pol Pot's left-wing and 0 is Cato the Censor .

I got 127 and am thus "Very Conservative" .
Surprise , Surprise ! Where are you now , Cilla ?

Give it a go !

Great News !

Cameron seems to be talking sense at last .

Maybe I'll vote for him , after all .

Anti-Patriotic Stupidity !

That's it ! I've finally had enough to break my slothful silence !

Harriet Bloody Harman !

Labour Party Idiots !

I am struggling to work out which one is the most corrupt , inept and generally unworthy of life - Harriet or the Scottish ZanuLabour drones .

The drones win it by an nose because they voted for her and thus created this hideous situation .

The real problem here , despite the angle the Mail puts on it , is not that Scottish and English accents are mutually unintelligible . If that were the case , then how can we understand the English ? Or are they blessed with an inherent clarity of diction denied to we mere mortals ?

No! The problem is , as usual with our Marxist-influenced society , political , and Harriet Harman is the very embodiment of this .

Harriet Harman is , let us remember , the uber-liberal Deputy Leader of the People's Party .
She is also very Upper Class , being the neice of an Earl (OK , a mad , criminal-loving Earl ) and well-connected in upper-class London society .
She and her party are elected to their position of power by posing as the friend of the workers and the common people of Britain . Indeed , the party was specifically set up to represent these people by a Scotsman . Instead she has ignored these people during her career and concentrated on the promotion of feminism , anti-racism , homosexual rights and other such anti-social nonsense .

She is as far removed in her background and views from the ordinary people of Britain as it is possible to be without changing one's name to Marie Antoinette or Osama Bin Laden .

Now faced with a question and answer session at the Scottish Labour Party Conference she has found herself unable to understand the speech of a delegate from one of the Heartlands of her party , an area on whose votes her political position depends .

Would she have pronounced herself unable to understand a recent immigrant from Jamaica or Algeria ?

The answer to this question says so much about how very many areas of our country , areas once regarded as the heart of the empire , have been marginalised and ignored by our political class .

While the political power of the Labour Party relies heavily on the former industrial heartlands of the North and West of Britain , the leadership and the ideology are much more heavily influenced by the South and East .

This is despite the often heard complaints of Southern English commenters that the current Government is dominated by Scots . While Gordon Brown is Scottish , just look at the others .

Blair , born in Edinburgh ,lived in Newcastle , attended an English public school in Edinburgh - moved straight away to England and joined the metrosexual liberal-left set .

Of all the Cabinet of 23 members , 14 were born and educated in the South of England . And that's in a Labour Party Government , supposedly dominated by Scotland and the North of England . The nearest the North of England gets to representation is Hazel Blears !

Such a government is inevitably driven by the concerns of the South and East of Britain , especially the concerns of the metropolitan upper-middle classes for whom the common people are recently arrived immigrants and those in need of state protection are homosexuals and high-flying female executives .

To these people , Harriet Harman chief amongst them , the native , working class population of Lanarkshire , Glasgow , Newcastle , Leeds , Manchester and all the others , are inhabitants of a foreign country .

Why should we expect them even to understand the words we utter ?