Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Praise God ! John Reith would be pleased .

Hat Tip to Better Than A Dead Lion .

Monday, 28 December 2009

The Guardian And Irish Republicanism

It had to happen . A Guardian article that tells the truth .

It has become customary amongst those who share my religio-political beliefs to laugh at this other manifestation of pure evil in Irish Republicanism (obscene and pointless violence being the other).

It's time we realised that that isn't good enough and that we should try to help our brothers and sisters in Christ to throw off the chains and banish these twin evils for good .

Our rejection of them fosters more of this depravity .

Children Are The Enemy

Well , at least the Eco-Loonies of Al-JaBeeba don't hide their hatred of humanity .

Thursday, 24 December 2009

'Twas the Night Before Christmas -- 2009

From The American Spectator

'Twas the night before Christmas and at the White House;
Our Commander was sleeping, and so was his spouse.
They'd gone to bed early to ward off the blues;
In hopes that the new year would bring them good news.

Progressives were snuggled, asleep safe and warm;
While dreaming of government health care reform.
But I in my doldrums, and sleepless with fears;
Had just nodded off with a couple of beers.

When out of my TV there came such a clatter;
I put down my brewski to check out the natter.
Away to the boob tube I flew in a flash;
To watch a discussion of ill-gotten cash.

The smoke in the backroom was blowing quite thick;
And I thought that my poor mind was playing a trick;
When what to my sleep-deprived eyes should appear
But a panel of Democrats looking severe!

With a little old leader so ready to plead;
I knew in a moment it was Harry Reid.
More rapid than eagles his supplicants came
When he wined them and dined them and called them by name:
Now Sanders, Now Landrieu, Now Ben from Nebraska;
We'll give you the bridge that we scotched in Alaska!
To the chamber to vote;
Where we plan to play ball;
It's cash today, cash today, cash for you all!

As wobblers who'll alter their views so they'll jibe,
when they meet with a party that's eager to bribe;
So on went the plan to bewitch and bewilder
By paying the requisite pieces of silver.

And then in a twinkling, I heard in my room;
A voice that would fill any patriot with gloom.
As I peered through the darkness I saw with great dread
St. Hillary appear at the foot of my bed.

She was dressed in a trench coat, the collar up high;
And she wore a mischievous gleam in her eye.
A pair of dark glasses were perched on her head;
And she grinned as she pictured the glory ahead.

Her eyes--how they sparkled! Her manner--how airy!
As she thought of the treachery cooked up for Harry.
Her droll little mouth was stretched out in a smile;
And her angelic look gave no hint of her guile.

A tiny black book she held tight in her hand;
And she grinned like a bandit while hatching her plan.
She had a bright look and her cheeks grew so rosy
As she started to write down the deals of Pelosi.

She noted with glee the attempted extortion;
The cash to vote cloture and fold on abortion.
With a wink of her eye in the midst of my dream;
I realized that she'd let me in on her scheme.

She hoped that the papers would swallow the bait;
That they'd never suspect came from mistress of State.
She merrily felt that Obama was toast;
As she faxed all the dirt to the Washington Post.

She sprang to her feet, from my room she went winging;
And my joy was so full that I felt just like singing!
And I heard her exclaim, as my eyes welled with tears,
"Happy Christmas Barack, I'll be back in three years."

'Mon Santa !

O Come All Ye Faithful !

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Nothing To See Here ....

I wonder what Noraid and various Plastic Paddies throughout the English-speaking world have to say about this ?

Archbishop Cranmer preaches on the same theme here , following the news that the odious Channel 4 is to allow Adams to make a programme on Christianity and forgiveness .

Best line comes from one of those cruelly bereaved by this evil man and his euphemistic struggle

Victor Barker, whose 12-year-old son James died in the 1998 Omagh bombing, said:
'Asking Gerry Adams to speak about love and forgiveness is like asking Myra Hindley to lecture on child-minding .'

Or how about this ?

Lord Tebbit, who was himself injured and his wife permanently disabled after the 1984 IRA bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton, burst out laughing when he heard about Mr Adams' programme.

He said:
'I wish him well. And I hope he also comes across the doctrine of hell and the consuming of pernicious unrepentant murderers and sinners in general by the fires of hell for all eternity. What will he do after that? A programme about pigs discovering cleanliness?'

Last word goes to an anonymous poster on Cranmer's blog

The Adams Family Values.

His sexually abusing brother must be forgiven, because he isn't a priest.
His father should be forgiven because he was a 'volunteer' who did 7 years inside for trying to murder policemen. This clearly traumatised him, so it really is the fault of the Brits.
And Gerry Adams must be forgiven because although he knew about his brother's abuse for years, family loyalty is a great republican virtue.
And it's Christmas, a grand time fro the family & all. Slainte!

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Inappropriate Sign of the Day

Contraception is , indeed , the path to damnation !

Friday, 18 December 2009

The Proper Treatment of Drug Addicts

My original plan was to put arsenic in their methadone , but this seems to be working just as well .

Thursday, 17 December 2009


Hahahahahahahahaha !

(Hat tip to Mr. E )

Monday, 14 December 2009

Progressive Tolerance (Part 14)

I believe that progressive Tolerance is the technical Marxist term for allowing no dissent but that from an approved , Leftist list .
Nothing to see here , then .

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Glasgow Advent Calendar

Sent by Neviglen (a Glaswegian , no less)

Monday, 7 December 2009

Theodore Dalrymple

It is rarely that I read anything on the internet which can be regarded as art , but this composition , in its polished brevity , comes close .

Soviet Science and Climategate

From a half-remembered Open University programme in the late 70's , I bring you this paragon of scientific impartiality and empirical thought , Trofim Denisovich Lysenko , and his eponymous pseudo-science Lysenkoism .

Anti-scientific charlatans manipulating and suppressing data and dissenting views to bolster the machinations of their political masters ?

I wonder why we haven't heard much about him recently ?

Guido's Quote Of The Day

Tariq Ali says…
“Copenhagen may be the last chance to get communist ideals back onto the global stage.”


Sunday, 6 December 2009

Fraser Nelson v Eco-Loonie

The scariest thing about Bob Ward , the skin-head loon ,is this piece of information in The Spectator

He is policy director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change at the LSE.

Scarier still is this quote from him on Wikipedia's Climategate page

"There needs to be an assurance that these email messages have not revealed inappropriate conduct in the preparation of journal articles and in dealing with requests from other researchers for access to data. This will probably require investigations both by the host institutions and by the relevant journals."

That's right , Bob , it's important not to prejudge the matter .

I especially like the line from Mr. Nelson (partially drowned out)

"That's right . I'm in the pay of the oil companies ."

Sums up the "debate" nicely .

Update !

More on the Grantham Institute for Climate Change from Rod Liddle

You will notice the institute is “for Climate Change”; ie there’s no question about the existence of climate change. It simply is.

Or , as he puts it here

If you work for, and are paid by, an institution which accepts climate change as a fact, then you will be disinclined to accept scientific evidence to the contrary. You hold climate change as an article of faith, and also a conduit for remuneration.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Word Of The Day - Thermosceptic

An excellent article from Simon Heffer in The Telegraph .

He introduces us to two new words : thermomania for the irrational climate hysteria and thermosceptic for those of us who shake our heads at the whole circus .

The latest blow to the thermomaniacs is the leak of emails from the University of East Anglia which suggest a complete unwillingness to engage with the opposite point of view. This was rather how the church used to behave before Martin Luther, and it enforced its will by torture and burnings at the stake. With those sanctions not currently available, the thermomaniacs prefer simply to pretend that the argument has only one side.

That hits the nail on the head !

Nutters, anarchists, anti-capitalists, fanatics, absolutists: why are these people taken seriously? Three cheers for the Australians, who this week have started to rise up against this indoctrination and lunacy. Three cheers for David Davis and the Tories who think like him, who are at last telling Dave that this particular bit of grandstanding and bunny-hugging has the potential to cause the most extreme economic and political damage. At last, there is recognition not just that there are two sides to every story, but that when politicians conspire to limit argument, it is always an attack on the public interest

We can only hope that we have the beginnings of a resurgence of true conservatism in the English-speaking world .

Hat Tip to EU Referendum

Climategate's Danger To Science And Rational Thought

Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal .

His thesis seems to be that the conduct of the UEA Gaia-worshipers has turned science on its head , subverted rational thought and turned science into another mere political faction .

As a graduate in the related spheres of Classics and History , I have seen how the leftist intellectual establishment has marginalised and destroyed the opportunity to spread Classical learning and , at the same time , infiltrated and corrupted Historical research and thought .

It would be only logical for the Marxists to move onto other areas of thought with their vile corruption .

Monday, 30 November 2009

Climate Update

Just seen some good articles in The Wall Street Journal .

Links here , here and here .

Well worth a look .

Suffer The Little Children

Recently I was in a local school covering some classes in the sinisterly named RMPS (Religious , Moral and Philosophical Education).

All of the courses seem to have little to do with RE , except for the obligatory "Here's what the Hindus do" and "Here are the words of Allah , the Most Merciful and Most Just , as revealed to his Prophet (pbuh)" .
Not a word about Presbyterianism , the established religion , but plenty of modish leftist brainwashing .

I was looking through a textbook , printed in 1997 but still in general use , which was nothing more than a manifesto for New Labour's cultural and moral destruction of our society .

I looked up at the class of 12 year olds colouring in lethargically in their Bob Marley projects -
( I kid you not ! And they were encouraged to draw cannabis symbols , as well) - when I caught the eye of a cheeky looking young chap with , the now obligatory , gelled hair .

"Some amount o' rubbish in this book they've gien ye , son" , I observed .

"Aye , Sir . That's 'cos they're tryin' tae indoctrinate us" he sagely averred .

Out of the mouths of babes .

If 12 year olds in darkest , Old Labour Lanarkshire know what the Left are up to and hate it , the game must surely be up ?

Which brings us to the photograph at the top of this post .

You will recognise it as Al Gore's famed expose of the dangers to our planet of the Manbearpig - An Inconvenient Truth .

I found it in the top drawer of the desk I was teaching from .

I thought it was banned for use in schools , except with the use of highly prescriptive , corrective notes ?

No sign of them .

I told the class I didn't believe much in man-made global warming -
"You better no tell Ms. X that , Sir . She's red-hot on it !"

Was the reply .

We're All Going To Die !

You've got to laugh at Climategate , haven't you ?

George Moonbat's lamentations at least had the virtue of honesty . He has let himself down a bit , though with today's description of Canada , yes Canada , as
This thuggish petro-state .
Lunatic !

Al-Jabeeba has been striving metrosexually to discredit the story while trying to avoid criticism for ignoring it (clearly their preferred option)- see Newsnight on Thursday .
Andrew Neil gave the story more weight and , mirabile dictu ,allowed a more favourable impression of we deniers to come out .

James Delingpole in The Telegraph has written some of the strongest stuff in the mainstream media , as has Christopher Booker .

Some excellent invective , as usual , from Gerald Warner .

Unfortunately , Will Heaven lets the side down and exhorts us , once more to think of the Polar Bears .

Much , much more of this to come ( or less if the Beeb gets its way).

Last word to Fausty .

Sunday, 29 November 2009

More on The Frankfurt School

A very interesting post by Fausty .

Good link as well .

Having been back doing some part-time teaching for the past few weeks , the cultural relativism and open Marxism on view is much worse than even 5 years ago , far less when we had a Conservative government . But , be not deceived , the "project" was well under way even then .
Call Me Dave will do little to combat it .
In fact , sometimes I wonder if he's one of the Marxist infiltrators himself .

Monday, 23 November 2009

Europe v. Christ , King & Covenant

I am continually amazed by the way that modern "Scottish" nationalists are so in thrall to the ways of the European Community/Super-state .

I was brought up to be a Scottish nationalist and a British patriot and I loathe this feeble , anti-Christian , anti-Scottish/British institution .

Those who currently describe themselves as "Scottish Nationalists" , far too often , seem to despise the only true Scottish Nation there is -The Covenanted Nation of Scotland , as affirmed in the National Covenant , the Solemn League and Covenant , the Lanark declaration and the declaration of Sanquahar .

No doubt they will be overjoyed at the news that European tyranny has instructed us to change our laws to place the disgusting practices of Sodom above The L--d's Blessed Evangel .

Archbishop Cranmer has the full story . (Yes , I know , No Bishops).

God's people are crying out for The Truth openly to be told .

Time for this , perhaps ?

Brown To Win Next Election

Fantasy Island gets a re-make !

Details here , here and here .


The real source of this story .

We Serve No Redcoats Here

In the unlikely event that I ever visit Call Me Dave's constituency (it looks a tad expensive for me) , I will never drink in The Cross Keys .

How dare they ?

The Palin Effect

Now , I may be a dirty old man , but ...

Can we not have politicians like her this side of the Atlantic ?
Other than Yulia Tymoshenko of the Ukraine , that is ?

Scorchio !

More proof , were it needed , that man-made global warming is s***e .

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Roger Scruton and the Nomenklatura

Better Than A Dead Lion reminds me of an important article by Roger Scruton which I read in The Times a couple of weeks ago .

I should have posted a link then , but I was too demoralised by the process which he describes .

The Architect as Totalitarian

An interesting article by Theodore Dalrymple in City Journal on the brutalist , totalitarian architect Le Corbusier .

We have been able to judge for ourselves how repellent this architecture has been . I didn't realise that it was ideologically totalitarian , though .

Like so much of the thought of the 20th Century , it makes no sense to we mere mortals .

Saturday, 21 November 2009


Gaze upon the hideous countenance of our new master and despair !

Rod Seacole Liddle at The Spectator
I’ve just been looking up the history of Lady Catherine Ashton, who was appointed last week to the post of Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy to the European Union. Nothing too taxing, just a quick browse through Wiki (which is almost always wrong, I grant you) and some other background stuff. It does occur that short of being a field officer for Al Qaeda she could not possibly have followed a career more damaging to Britain, nor more emblematic of where we are now. She began as an administrator for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, an organization so stupid even the Russians burst into laughter when its name was brought up. This was followed by a spell at the Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work, the institution which works hard to inculcate in our social workers incompetence, stupidity and political correctness. Then she hopped over to the National Council for One Parent Families, an organization which likes one parent families and thinks they are a Good Thing. Later, she received an award from the unspeakably ghastly homosexuals at Stonewall, presumably for some hideous manifestation of political correctness.

For all this stuff she was made a life peer. Then, without the remotest experience in trade matters she was appointed EU trade commissioner. Never elected by anyone, anywhere, totally unqualified for almost every job she has done, she has risen to her current position presumably through a combination of down-the-line Stalinist political correctness and the fact that she has the charisma of a caravan site on the Isle of Sheppey. Quite incredible, really. And I spent valuable hours having a go at that poor woman Jeanie, the Devon County Council equality rights and gypsy awareness officer, when this unelected, useless, nonentity was poised to take the second most important job in Europe

Thursday, 19 November 2009

What Is Prison For ?

A rather good blog post by Peter Hitchens muses on this question .

Monday, 16 November 2009

Kenny MacAskill - Politician of the Year

Some readers will have voted in my poll "First to Kick The Bucket" Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi or Ronnie Biggs .
70.97% voted for train robber Biggs with 29.03% for the Pan Am bomber .

Sadly , for justice , it appears that both men have made miraculous recoveries on their release from prison . Quelle surprise !

Biggs now considers himself well enough to go to watch a football match . This latter-day Lazarus , we were assured , was too ill to speak or even swallow , and would surely die within days .

Now , again contrary to assurances , Megrahi is about to outlive the three month lifespan which was prophesied .

Not only that , but Kenny MacAskill , Scotland's "Justice" Minister , the man who released Megrahi amidst sanctimonious bleating about "compassion" and Scotland's unique "morality" is up for a "Politician of the Year" award !

Gerald Warner has the full story in The Scotsman
Yet there is good news too for MacAskill. He has been shortlisted for the Scottish Politician of the Year awards to be held next Thursday, the day before Megrahi passes the three-month supposed limit on his mortality. Doing the reverse of what the public wants, not just at Holyrood but in the wider arc embracing Westminster and Brussels, has become the virility test of "democratic" politicians. Providing no wayward statesman sets fire to the hotel this year, MacAskill could be in with a shout.

It seems too much to hope he should win, since such an award would be the most eloquent testimony to the outside world of the pygmy inadequacy of the post-devolution phenomenon euphemistically known as "civic Scotland".

Callan Deid

It was with sadness that I noted the death of Edward Woodward . Callan and The Equaliser had him portraying the sort of patriotic common sense most British men stood for in the face of the Marxist cultural revolution .
(The officers aren't always right and often , these days , they are the enemy).
The Wicker Man had Britt Ekland getting her kit off and gyrating in a shameless , though attention-grabbing manner .

Of all the great lessons he taught us , the greatest by far was in his masterpiece Breaker Morant .

When asked by the court martial which of the Queen's Regulations gave him the authority to shoot enemy prisoners on the battlefield who had tortured and killed his CO and friend , and who were wearing British uniform , he replied -
Rule 303 !

Try telling that to the Iraq War inquiry . Then you'll know how far we've gone wrong .

The Greatest Fans In The World ?

If these were Muslims desecrating a minute's silence of Remembrance , we'd be foaming at the mouth with justified anger .

Because they are Irish Republicans who have hijacked the Scottish Labour Party and many of our institutions and news media , not much is said . Sky Sports even turned the sound down to hide the shame of John Reid's Bhoys .

Rod Liddle breaks ranks , though .

Despite the appearance of being merely a football matter , or merely a Scottish matter , or merely a Glasgow matter , with all who don't want to think about it walking away after a short ritual condemnation "of both sides" , this is VERY important .

It is a political problem at the heart of British and Western civilisation .

Bolshevism and Irish Republicanism were both intellectual viruses released by the Kaiser to weaken his opponents in 1916-17 . He tried the same thing with Jihad , providing the inspiration for John Buchan's Greenmantle as well as various rebellions throughout the Empire and the root cause of the 3rd Afghan War .

The purpose of these crack-pot ideologies is to weaken the West and ultimately to bring it down .

Recognise your enemy .

Marxism , Irish Republicanism , Islamism .

Whether you walk away shaking your head , or stand up to their evil ideologies , they'll still be there and they're still out to get you .

The enemy within must be opposed and our culture reinforced and reaffirmed at every opportunity . Our culture , our morality , our civilisation .

Here endeth the lesson .

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Cruel , But Accurate

Hat Tip to Guido .

More , courtesy of Mrs.Dale .

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Sky News

A Sky News reporter has just choked up while reading tributes to the dead (Wed 11th Nov 19.06).

None of your metrosexual , PC BBC apparatchiks .

Patriot .

Real man .

Suffer The Little Children

Today I was supervising a class of 16 year olds in a local secondary school .

At 11.00 the school bell rang (unexpectedly , as far as I was concerned) and the class fell instantly and respectfully silent with their heads bowed .

At 11.02 the bell rang again and they returned to their youthful chatter and laughter .

Maybe things aren't so bad , after all .

I love this country .

Sunday, 8 November 2009


For all the Empire's dead , in all our wars .

We Scots are sentimental , like Andy Stewart's song , but sometimes it's right to be sentimental .

(Hat Tip to Rab)

Time To Restore The Death Penalty for Treason

What a real man looks like ....

.... and how he was treated in life .

Brown should swing for his betrayal of our troops .

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Monklands Mafia

Say hello to the Right Honourable Tom Clarke , M.P. for Coatbridge , Chryston and Bellshill .
Mr. Clarke , is the senior member of the Lanarkshire Labour mafia , representing the constituency then known as Monklands West when Labour-dominated Monklands District Council operated a system of sectarian discrimination against the native population of the area .

Times have changed , however , and Monklands District Council is no more .

It has been replaced by North Lanarkshire Council , having been merged with nearby Motherwell and Wishaw , and Cumbernauld and Kilsyth (which is in Dunbartonshire geographically , but that's the way of autistic brave-new-world reform).

So toxic was the Monklands Mafia brand , that very few of the joint council departments stayed in that area , most moving to Motherwell Civic Centre , Versailles of the Clyde Valley .

One department , however , remains .

The elegantly entitled (perhaps Orwellian would be a better description) Learning and Leisure Services has taken over the former Monklands HQ in Kildonan Street, Coatbridge .

"Well and good , you may say , but what's your point , caller ?"

My spies tell me that the Rt. Hon. Tom Clarke , M.P. has his constituency office within this building , paid for by the Council Tax payers of North Lanarkshire , behind a council-staffed reception desk , protected by council-employed security . In order to visit their M.P. the citizens of Coatbridge must go into a council office and negotiate with Council-employed reception and security staff to be ushered into the great man's presence .

In short , the Rt.Hon. Tom Clarke's office is hosted and staffed by a public body with which he has no official connection .

I don't think it's very healthy , or even ethical .
Is it even legal ?

I wonder , also , how much he claims in Parliamentary expenses to pay North Lanarkshire Council for this deluxe service ?

Just a thought .

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Repeal , Now !

Find this convincing ? I don't .

Repeal of the European Communities Act (1972) . Now !

Goodnight Vienna

I'm glad I have partaken of William Younger's Tartan Special Ale this evening .

God Save The Queen !

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

God Bless The British Empire

Fuck our European hegemons !

I am Free , British and I spit on them and their foreign tyranny !

Together we are a Loyal Rebellion .

(Watch the video all the way through , please , brethern .)

PS Death to the French !
(And all our other enemies who ,from this day , pretend to rule over us

Friday, 30 October 2009

New Poll

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Pseudo-Papist ?

Who ?

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Monday, 26 October 2009


Is this article written by a soft , southern poof or a mad EU fanatic , bent on the imposition of Central European (and possibly decimal) Time ?

He's certainly a sneering , offensive (not in a PC way) bastard .

Can anyone imagine a quality Scottish newspaper , like The Herald or The Scotsman used to be , running a headline like

"Tell English Farmers To Clock Off"

Naw . It's not very likely , is it ?

The guy's thesis seems to be that Greenwich Mean Time is a Scottish plot forced on the unsuspecting English by the skiving Sweaties , deliberately to kill small English children .

Fuck him !

There was me thinking that Greenwich Mean Time was based on the latitude and longitude of Greenwich , which is not in Scotland , but in the South East of England .

Even worse , and more stupid , is this assertion

The reason Labour hasn't done anything about it can be summed up in one word: Scotland, and Scottish farmers in particular. Gordon Brown is so paranoid about losing support in Scotland that he cannot bring himself to do something that could actually raise Labour's popularity even at this late stage by improving the lives of everyone.

Let's look at this on two levels .
Firstly one small , despised group (Scots and Scottish farmers) are deliberately inconveniencing "everyone" .
Note that it is not "everyone else" , but "everyone" .
Therefore Scots and Scottish farmers , in the Guardian's view , do not count as real people . Perhaps we could more accurately be referred to as Untermenschen , rather than the more euphemistic Jocks or Sweaties .

And this is the paper which hates the BNP and Nick Griffin because they're Nazis ?

Secondly , since when has the Scottish rural lobby had any influence in Labour politics ? Here's an electoral map of Scotland (shortly to feature a lot less red).

You will note that the Labour Party doesn't have a lot of representation outside the Central Belt . Indeed , the only predominantly rural constituency it holds is Dumfries and Galloway where it expended more effort than in all the other constituencies together to unseat Peter Duncan , leader of the Scottish Conservatives . If they hold it in 2010 Gordon will be well on the way to forming another government - and we know how likely that is .
Clearly , therefore , it is the band of SNP , Lib-Dem and Tory MPs from these Scottish rural constituencies which is forcing Gordon's hand ?
What a load of pish !

Let us come , then , to the writer's solution to this Jock-inspired genocide - the imposition of Central European Time .

That is basically it .

Despite all the hatred spewed at Scotland and the Scots , all he really wants is the whole UK to be further "harmonised" with our continental friends .

The clocks will still go back and forward , we'll still have the same amount of daylight (despite his claims of "an extra hour of daylight") , it's just that we'll be exactly like the French and Germans ! Hoorah !

Euro-Federalism propelled forward by ethnic hatred and slurs against fellow Britons ?

How very New Labour ! How very European !

"The Entire Progressive Establishment"

From the Guardian .

Worth a read as it shows just how much power the Left realise that they have seized , while still pretending to be the underdog .

Vote Smeato , Or We'll Set Aboot Ye !

(Hat Tip to Rantin Rab)

Griffin , the BBC and America

As presented on American nativist web-site V.Dare -
On Thursday night, October 22, Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party (BNP) was invited by the BBC to appear on Question Time. This is the most important political discussion programme in Britain. Its format is typically a panel—Government ministers and senior representatives of the main political parties—that takes questions from an audience of the general public. It is watched every week by millions, and it has considerable influence as a shaper and as a mirror of public opinion.
Inviting Mr Griffin onto the panel was both acceptance that he and his party must be recognised as part of the political spectrum within Britain, and was a first-class opportunity for him to put his opinions directly to the largest audience he has ever faced.
Now, in reviewing his performance, I must confess that I do not support Griffin or his party. I am a libertarian, not a white nationalist. If I am inclined to vote for any political party in Britain, it is for the UK Independence Party, which campaigns specifically for withdrawal from the European Union, and is generally a sort of Conservative Party in exile.
This is not a disclaimer made out of fear that I shall somehow be smeared myself as a white nationalist, but out of honesty. I will try to be fair to Mr Griffin. Indeed, I will avoid commenting on his opinions, and stay so far as I can to the technical aspects of his performance.
Mr Griffin and many of his supporters have spent the time since the broadcast claiming that the BBC showed an open and disgraceful bias against Mr Griffin. They are right. There is no doubt that it was intended that he should be treated unfairly. The other panellists were Jack Straw, Minister of Justice, Sayeeda Warsi, a Conservative politician, Chris Huhne, a senior Liberal Democrat, and Bonnie Greer, a black American woman who has somehow been made a Trustee of the British Museum. The programme was filmed in London, which is now perhaps the most racially diverse city in Europe.
From the opening minutes, it was plain that this would not be—nor was planned to be—a normal episode of Question Time. The other panellists had conferred and brought along set speeches of denunciation, which the Presenter, David Dimbleby, both allowed and encouraged. Indeed, he joined in with hostile questions of his own.
It is unlikely that the audience had been fed questions to put. It was hardly necessary, bearing in mind the demographic profile—quite unlike Mr Griffin’s own electoral base. The questions were universally hostile. So were most of the audience comments.
Rather than Question Time, this was an hour in which Nick Griffin was put on trial before the nation, following the sort of process that a Communist police state might have envied. It was all set up to be grossly unfair.
I believe that Mr Griffin is planning a formal complaint to the BBC about bias. Sadly, he is missing the point. Whatever unfairness was meant, he was given the opportunity of a lifetime to do two things—first, to show the world that he was not a sinister crank; second, to tell the world directly and in brief what he was in politics to achieve. Judged in terms of this opportunity, his performance was an embarrassing failure.
He did make two points very well. The first was to defend his claim that Islam was a “wicked and vicious” religion. This is a claim that, astonishingly, got him into court a few years ago, and for which he might, had he been found guilty, have gone to prison for seven years. He explained himself with great authority, and the Moslems in the audience were reduced to the defence made by every religious enthusiast—that their holy book had been misquoted or misunderstood.
His second good point was to remind the world that Jack Straw might be uttering sanctimonious platitudes about “fascism” and “Islamophobia”, but was also a member of a government that had helped murder not far off a million Iraqis in a war of military aggression.
But that was it. Otherwise, Griffin squirmed and fidgeted his way through several questions and accusations that he could easily have turned in his own favour.
The most important of these came when Mr Dimbleby accused him of having denied the Holocaust. Griffin’s answer at first was that he had never been convicted of Holocaust Denial. He then claimed that he had changed his mind on the basis of some radio intercepts, and added that he was unable to elaborate because of “European law”.
When Mr Straw pointed out that there was no law in this country against denying any historical claim, and promised, as Minister of Justice, to shield him against any extradition request from elsewhere in the European Union, Griffin had no answer.
This came right at the beginning of the programme, and it told me beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Griffin either had done nothing to prepare himself for the ordeal, or had been prepared with crass incompetence. Since I would not accept the post, it is no loss for me that I am unlikely ever to be invited to advise him on handling the media. But if I had been his adviser, I would have given him the following response to the absolutely predicable question about the Holocaust:

“I came into the nationalist movement thirty five years ago. I was drawn in because I believed that it answered the question of why this country had been dragged into the sewer. I still believe broadly in that answer. However, I have now realised that how much falsehood is mingled in with that truth. I denied the holocaust without examination as part of a package. I have now looked at the evidence and have changed my mind. You can think what you like of me. But I bet I’m the only politician you have seen here in a long time who admits to having looked at facts and changed his mind on their basis.”

He could then have brought in the point he made elsewhere in the programme—his support for Israel. I suspect this would have shut down that whole line of attack. Someone might have accused him of lying about his present beliefs. But that is always a weak argument.
The second idiotic answer came near the end of the programme. Some popular singer had recently been found dead in a Spanish hotel bedroom—I understand it was drink or drugs. Some journalist had then written an article for The Daily Mail, claiming that this was proof that the homosexual lifestyle was morally corrupt.
Everyone on the panel—as is required—joined in the condemnations of the journalist. Mr Griffin began in the same tone, and then announced that many people in this country found something “creepy” in the sight of two men kissing.
Of course, this is probably correct. It is not a feeling shared by the liberal establishment—and I am, for what it may be worth, a semi-detached member of that establishment. But not everyone shares our state of “enlightenment”. Nevertheless, my mouth fell open at what Mr Griffin said.
Again, had I been advising him, this is what he might have said:

“I share the condemnation of this article. I uphold the right of The Daily Mail to publish it, but despise the idea of attacking the dead.
“But I would say that, wouldn’t I? After all, I know all about The Daily Mail’s idea of fairness. If many of the people here tonight think I am the most evil man alive in Britain, it is probably because of some smear against me published in that ‘newspaper’.”

He could then have joined to this the subsequent point he made: that BNP policy was to leave people alone in their private actions, but to forbid the preaching of homosexuality to schoolchildren.
Griffin ended by adding that he had been responsible for moving BNP policy to this from a promise to make all homosexual relations illegal again.
By then, however, the harm was done. All the predictable condemnations were washing over him even as he was insisting on his own tolerance. He could have turned his answer to an attack on one of his enemies and flattened claims that he was a sexual bigot. He did not.
Though I am not a supporter of Mr Griffin’s party, I do have much personal sympathy for him. Now that he has dropped National Socialism, he is normally an effective and indeed eloquent spokesman for millions of people in this country who feel, quite rightly, that they have been deliberately ground into the dirt by both Conservative and Labour Governments.
For being this voice, Griffin has faced the sort of persecution I would once not have thought possible in England. He has been smeared. He has been physically attacked. It was only because a jury disagreed with the State that he was not sent to prison for saying about Islam what may or may not be true, but that had always so far been classed as fair comment. And still he continues to state his opinions. For this, he deserves both sympathy and admiration.
But this does not cancel the fact that he was presented with an enviable opportunity by the BBC and failed to take advantage of it.
It may be that the sheer awfulness of his performance will encourage the BBC to invite him back. After all, the BBC is the public relations wing of the Establishment, and its job is to destroy people like Mr Griffin. It may now think that another few performances like this will see off the whole BNP threat.
Perhaps it would. I have no doubt there are people in the north of England who would vote BNP even had Mr Griffin called for the slaughter of the first born. But he is unlikely to gather in many middle class votes on account of His Question Time appearance.
On the other hand, he might do better on his next airing. Everyone has the occasional bad night, and he almost certainly has the ability to do better.
In closing, I will simply repeat what I have said in my other articles about the BNP. This is that, while the party is no longer national socialist in any meaningful sense, it is far from being a good vehicle for the opinions that it now claims to hold.
This is not because of any possibility that its leaders are hoping to lie their way into power, and then pull off the mask of reasonableness. It is simply because of what its leaders used to be and used to say. Any party that wants to roll back the Politically Correct police state now imposed on my country will face inevitable demonization. The BNP is just too ideal a target for demonization.
However much he may have brought it on himself, Mr Griffin was treated unfairly by the BBC.
On the other hand, anything that depresses his chances of replacing the Conservatives after their inevitable future collapse, increases the chance that their replacement will be UKIP—for all its faults a more trustworthy and more electable choice.
[VDARE.COM note: the London Daily Telegraph reported on Friday that its post-programme polling showed an increase in BNP support—22% would now consider voting for the BNP, and more than half felt the BNP “had a point”.

Interesting to view these things from an outsider's perspective , so I hope you don't mind the lengthy quote .

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

More Cameronians

The Disbandment of The Cameronians(Scottish Rifles) at Castle Dangerous , in Douglas Dale , in 1967 .

Yet another reason to hate Harold Wilson .

Here is the sermon by Dr. Donald MacDonald , the regimental chaplain .

He sounds strong in The Lord .

We could do with some ministers like him these days !

Part 5

Part 6

And here they are at Blenheim in 1704 , not long after they were founded (Steenkirk in 1692 was their first battle).
Here they are flying the St.Andrew's Cross as their standard , being part of the Scottish army in Marlborough's coalition force . Before the Union , two separate army establishments under the same monarch .
We did well to beat the Jacobites' pals in these wars against despotism , but many who don't know better will just whine on about Bonnie Prince Charlie and how hard done by the MacDonald's of Glencoe were .

Scotland : distinct and proud .

As British as British can be .

While I could be persuaded of a case for Scottish nationalism in a post-British world , the revisionist "land of the bogs and the little people" mopery makes me sick . And , like many others , I'm not ready to give up on Britain and freedom yet .

The real Scotland is the Scotland of Richard Cameron and William Cleland , not the "cowardly Italian" or Mel Gibson .

The Scottish Soldier

Here's one for Goodnight Vienna .

Shame about the couple of Braveheart-esque daubs which fleetingly appear in the background and the Scot Nat slogan towards the end (over a painting of a Napoleonic battle , probably Waterloo , no less ? Have they no sense of irony ?).

There were so many good photos in the sequence - the lamented KOSB in the Gulf wearing their red roses in their bonnets to commemorate Minden ; a painting I'd never seen before of the Scots Greys at Waterloo and their war memorial on the Esplanade at Edinburgh Castle ; King Robert I and Sir William Wallace ; and what must be the most stirring war memorial in Scotland : that of The Cameronians ,even more lamented than the KOSB , in Glasgow's West End .

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Progressive Tolerance

From Michael Crick's Blog via Mrs Dale

Spot the difference(s)

Case A: Alan Bown gave a political party £363,697

1) It was his money
2) He had a business trading in this country, making him eligible to donate money
3) He was not on the electoral register when he donated although he was the year before, and also the year afterwards.

Case B: Michael Brown gave a political party £2.7m
1) It was not his money, he had defrauded it
2) His business was not trading in the UK, so therefore he was ineligible to donate money
3) He was not on the electoral register; neither was he the year afterwards, nor the year before.

Do you see the difference(s)?
Well the main difference is that the Electoral Commission has doggedly pursued the Alan Bown donation, and today won an appeal forcing the party to give up the money, despite a judge previously ruling that the political party that received it had acted in good faith.

In the Michael Brown case the Electoral Commission has always maintained the political party acted in good faith and need not repay money. Although following the criminal proceedings against Mr Brown they have re-opened an investigation, it has not had yet had any result and they have not managed to say when, if ever, it will.

Oh yes there is one other difference:

This year the Political Parties and Elections Act went through Parliament, and among other things it restructured the Electoral Commission and gave it new funding and powers.

The political party in Case A, UKIP, has no MPs and only three representatives in the House of Lords (where the government has no majority and is particularly vulnerable to amendments).

The political party in Case B, the Liberal Democrats, has 63 MPs and 71 members of the House of Lords (where the Government has no majority and is particularly vulnerable to amendments).

At least those are the difference that I can see. Perhaps you can you suggest others?

Why don't they just do a Vlaams Blok and outlaw another one of their political opponents ?

Totalitarian , fascist bastards !

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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Fashion Pages




Le Figaro reckons B) .

They may need the help of Specsavers .

Monday, 12 October 2009

More Nobel Analysis

From James Taranto in The Wall Street Journal's Best of the Web e-mail -
What everyone, including this column, agrees on is that the prize was a rebuke to George W. Bush, now a private citizen in Dallas. That is why the claim that Obama has inspired a turnaround in the so-called world's attitude toward America is not only false but laughable. When George W. Bush was president, the Norwegian Nobel Committee delivered three similar rebukes: in 2002 (by naming Jimmy Carter), 2005 (Mohammad ElBaradei) and 2007 (Al Gore). The Obama award is a continuation of, not a break from, the committee's behavior of the past eight years.

Actually, it is an escalation. Whatever one may think of Carter, ElBaradei and Gore, each man at least had some sort of record on which the committee could plausibly claim to have based its decision. This Nobel Prize is a naked attack on the former president--and, by implication, on the country that elected him.

Obama's record of accomplishment consists of nothing more than a successful political campaign against, as he put it in his convention speech, "the failed policies of George W. Bush." At the time, we doubted whether running against a man who would not appear on the ballot made political sense. The outcome speaks for itself.

But whether out of political calculation or sheer carelessness, Obama has continued, in effect, campaigning against George W. Bush. He frequently laments the "mess" he "inherited"--as if he had been born into the presidency or won it in a lottery rather than seeking out the responsibility he now holds. In May he declared, "The problem of what to do with Guantanamo detainees was not caused by my decision to close the facility; the problem exists because of the decision to open Guantanamo in the first place." Actually, Guantanamo was a solution to the problem of what to do with the detainees; the current problem was caused by Obama's rejecting it without first coming up with an alternative plan. In August, as we noted, the president sounded downright thuggish in blaming his predecessors for the lousy economy: "I don't want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. I don't mind cleaning up after them, but don't do a lot of talking."

We don't remember any president in our lifetime attacking his predecessor in this manner, or at all. We haven't exhaustively researched the question, but our impression is that you'd have to go back to Franklin D. Roosevelt to find one who did--and his denunciations of Herbert Hoover were for domestic, not foreign, consumption.

Why did Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize? Because he pandered to the prejudices of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. Surely he didn't do it with the Peace Prize (or at least this year's Peace Prize) in mind. He did it because disparaging George W. Bush is a cheap way of winning approval among certain constituencies, both foreign and domestic.

Until last Friday, one might have argued that this was all quite harmless. But by seeking adulation that he did not deserve, the president of the United States helped make himself into a figure of ridicule. Barack Obama did not award himself the Nobel Peace Prize, but his reckless rhetoric encouraged those who did.

Obama Wins Tour De France !

(Hat tip to Nickie Goomba)

Compare it to this and this on Unenlightened Commentary .

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Licence Is Not The Same As Liberty

An interesting piece in Canadian magazine MacLean's by Mark Steyn .

His subject - Britain's debased culture and the media's (especially the BBC's) contribution to it .
So just to delineate the Dantean circles of contemporary Brit celebrity: a BBC comedian says he masturbates to a show in which a woman says she’d enjoy farting in front of a man who calls up the grandfathers of nubile terpsichoreans and says he’s shagged ’em senseless in between their shifts as Satanic Sluts. Thank goodness Britain doesn’t have that debauched crass lowest-common-denominator Yank-style TV culture, eh? Wank wank pussy fart fuck fuck slut. Very Noël Coward.

Or , as he sums up ,

But licence is not the same as liberty.

Poor Polly

In the Guardian , another cry of pain from the demented Polly Toynbee regarding the demise of her beloved Labour "Project" .

Have a read , it's a great laugh !

As is usual with Polly's articles , the real analysis comes in the comments section below .

This one seems to hit the nail on the head .
"If you think the Tories would have done all that, you must be mad."

Just once in my lifetime, i'd really like to see what the tories would do if they inherited a surplus rather than, y'know, a vast financial hole.

It would make a change , wouldn't it ?

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Life Imitates The Simpsons

From The Wall Street Journal -

Sideshow Bob: "Convicted of a crime I didn't even commit. Hah! Attempted murder? Now honestly, what is that? Do they give a Nobel prize for attempted chemistry?"--dialogue from "Sideshow Bob Roberts," aired Oct. 9, 1994

■"Rather than recognizing concrete achievement, the 2009 [Nobel Peace] prize appeared intended to support initiatives that have yet to bear fruit."--Associated Press, Oct. 9, 2009

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Silvio For PM !

Forget that cream puff Cameron . Let's get a leader who knows what it's all about !

(Click on the photo for the full facial expressions)

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Newsnight , Boris and Irish GDP

I saw this excellent interview on Newsnight , last night .
Excellent in that Boris was able to get the better of the odious Paxman by force of his adopted persona .

The tide has turned .

Later , on Newsnicht , we in Scotland were subjected to a hatchet job jointly on Conservatism and Euro-realism , in which the second Irish referendum was viewed through the prism of what lessons it should teach the Scottish electorate . The answer , of course , was that UKIP and the Conservatives were wild-eyed loons , the SNP were dangerous separatists and Labour was the people's only salvation .

How surprising .

What was surprising was a statistic one of the Irish Euro-drones came out with
the Irish Republic's per capita GDP is 40% greater than Scotland's .

That's Scotland with the oil ; and the industrial revolution ; and the financial services sector ; and the largest fishing industry in Europe ; and the oil .

The country which has soaked up much of Southern Ireland's excess population for the past century and a half , while being a mainstay of Britain and the Empire .

Scotland which lost 100,000+ in the First World War while Southern Ireland turned traitor and supported the Kaiser .

Scotland which contributed fully to victory in the Second World War , while Southern Ireland more or less openly sympathised with the Nazis .

What has Southern Ireland got ?

That's right , Euro-money out of our pockets .

Some would see this as reason for Scotland to declare independence and join in the Euro-gravy-train . I see it as evidence of the corruption and oppression of the European "Project".

A plague on it !

Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Repellent Mr. Ross

A review of Theodore Dalrymple's new book Not With A Bang But A Whimper : The Politics And Culture Of Decline . It'll be top of my shopping list when I get back to work !

The review also has a taster piece - the first chapter of the book , criticising Jonathon Ross and , interestingly , David Cameron as a man unfit to govern (pdf) .

A good read , and every word true .

Cherie Anoinette

From The Mail on Sunday -

Cherie Blair is expected to begin house-hunting in Brussels within weeks after Irish voters paved the way for her husband to become Europe’s most powerful man, the EU President.
The referendum result has removed the largest barrier to creating the role that Tony Blair is expected to win this year, giving his wife unprecedented influence as EU First Lady.
But there are concerns in Brussels that Mrs Blair – whose time at No10 included gaffes over property deals and freebies – could prove a liability for Tony.
A British EU civil servant said: ‘She could create a role like Michelle Obama’s, or be a distraction. The last thing anyone wants is a 21st Century Marie Antoinette.’

What benefits our masters in Brussels have brought us !

Better still is the pittance which her husband will receive as a stipend for graciously ruling over us (and HM the Queen) -

The move will mean a multi-million-pound taxpayer-funded windfall for the Blairs.
His £270,000-a-year salary – more than President Obama’s – and £40,500-a-year housing allowance will allow Mrs Blair to expand their property portfolio from their £3.65million home in London and £5.75million mansion in Wotton Underwood, Buckinghamshire.
With London two hours away by Eurostar, Mrs Blair can also continue her UK legal work and use her new base to increase EU cases.
Son Leo, nine, would qualify for EU payments for schooling in Belgium.
And Mrs Blair will have a massive platform for promoting her Cherie Blair Foundation For Women, a charity helping women entrepreneurs in countries with poor equality records.
Research by The Mail on Sunday has found that if Mr Blair serves the maximum five years – two consecutive two-and-a-half year terms – he will net a package worth £3.65million. His salary will be taxed at a special rate for Eurocrats, averaging 25 per cent.
On arrival, the Blairs will have all travel and removal costs reimbursed and receive a £45,000 ‘installation allowance’. It has not been revealed what this is supposed to pay for.
After that, the £40,500-a-year ‘residence allowance’ kicks in, allowing the Blairs to rent a home from among the finest chateaux.
Or the payments would help buy a four or five-bedroom Brussels townhouse at around the £1million mark. Mr Blair, dubbed ‘Boney’ Blair after the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, also has a £15,663-a-year ‘personal entertainment allowance’ and chauffeur-driven limousine.
Then there is a £6,727-a-year ‘household allowance’, a £5,652-a-year payment per ‘child in higher education outside Belgium’ and a £2,826-a-year payment per child at school.
When he steps down, Mr Blair will receive a £22,500 ‘resettlement payment’. There will be three years of ‘transition allowance’ payments, totalling about £135,000-a-year.
He would also receive a £57,600-a-year pension from the age of 65 for his five years’ service.
Since quitting as Premier in 2007, Mr Blair is estimated to have made £15million from public speaking, which he will have to drop as President

Thanks Ireland !