Friday, 24 October 2008

Darker and Darker

Our friend The Prince has done us a great service by writing to The Electoral Commission asking whether Osbourne could be accused of doing anything wrong .

The answer was a resounding NO !!

Read the letter here .

So what are NuLabour and the B.B.C. on about ?

Did they not know the law which the current government itself enacted ?

Have they no researchers ?

What is going on ?

Where will it end ?

I keep getting flashes of that bit in Hitler - The Rise of Evil , with Robert Carlyle , where the Nazis aren't in the majority in the Reichstag , but are trying to pass the Enabling Law ( giving Hitler virtually dictatorial powers ) . The conservatives , the DNVP and others , have grave doubts about the law but are forced into it . The Nazis' manipulation of the situation is emphasised by the singing of the Deutschlandleid - one by one the conservatives are impelled by their patriotism to join in . Being outmanoeuvred they have no other option .

Is this the point we have reached ?

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