Thursday, 23 October 2008

The Dark Lord and his Minions Strike Again

Interesing post from The Prince on the involvement of Mandelson and the B.B.C.'s Robert Peston in creating and pushing the Osbourne story .

Again , I have to ask why the B.B.C. keeps harping on about the Conservatives cosying up to bloated plutocrats when it's New Labour and their B.B.C. cronies who are really into this action . Guido has a good post on Mandelson gatecrashing a party at Bill Gates' yacht while his department was investigating Microsoft . What was he hoping to gain ?

The sheer sordidness of all this makes Osbourne look naive and ill-advised in being there .

Even more naive seems to be Nathaniel Rothschild , according to The Times .

Some excellent posts also on the issue from The Fat Bigot (why didn't I jump in quicker and claim that name ?) and The Prince especially regarding the way the lefty media and NuLabour are making so much of this without any evidence or real accusation of wrong-doing .

I can't believe that they are both just fishing or following a pre-prepared agenda !

Finally , if only for the head-line , I have to link again to The Bigot and his take on Harriet Harperson , the P.M.-in-waiting .

Quality !

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