Friday, 24 October 2008

Darker and Darker

Our friend The Prince has done us a great service by writing to The Electoral Commission asking whether Osbourne could be accused of doing anything wrong .

The answer was a resounding NO !!

Read the letter here .

So what are NuLabour and the B.B.C. on about ?

Did they not know the law which the current government itself enacted ?

Have they no researchers ?

What is going on ?

Where will it end ?

I keep getting flashes of that bit in Hitler - The Rise of Evil , with Robert Carlyle , where the Nazis aren't in the majority in the Reichstag , but are trying to pass the Enabling Law ( giving Hitler virtually dictatorial powers ) . The conservatives , the DNVP and others , have grave doubts about the law but are forced into it . The Nazis' manipulation of the situation is emphasised by the singing of the Deutschlandleid - one by one the conservatives are impelled by their patriotism to join in . Being outmanoeuvred they have no other option .

Is this the point we have reached ?

Thursday, 23 October 2008

The Dark Lord and his Minions Strike Again

Interesing post from The Prince on the involvement of Mandelson and the B.B.C.'s Robert Peston in creating and pushing the Osbourne story .

Again , I have to ask why the B.B.C. keeps harping on about the Conservatives cosying up to bloated plutocrats when it's New Labour and their B.B.C. cronies who are really into this action . Guido has a good post on Mandelson gatecrashing a party at Bill Gates' yacht while his department was investigating Microsoft . What was he hoping to gain ?

The sheer sordidness of all this makes Osbourne look naive and ill-advised in being there .

Even more naive seems to be Nathaniel Rothschild , according to The Times .

Some excellent posts also on the issue from The Fat Bigot (why didn't I jump in quicker and claim that name ?) and The Prince especially regarding the way the lefty media and NuLabour are making so much of this without any evidence or real accusation of wrong-doing .

I can't believe that they are both just fishing or following a pre-prepared agenda !

Finally , if only for the head-line , I have to link again to The Bigot and his take on Harriet Harperson , the P.M.-in-waiting .

Quality !

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Dark Lord's Revenge

There seems to be no doubt that George Osbourne is suffering for his , in my view , indiscrete remarks about Mandelson .

What goes on tour , should stay on tour .

If he has , indeed , made improper financial overtures to this Russian magnate , then he must be punished - never mind any damage this may do to his party .

It is surprising , however , that these allegations have received quite the level of slanted coverage that they have .

One would expect such an approach from The Guardian (an extreme left-wing newspaper) or The Times (the newspaper to whom the letter making the allegations was written ).

It is the right of these publications to make whatever comment they wish , nor does anyone have to pay to read their comments unwillingly .

The B.B.C. is a different matter , bound , as it is , in Statute to be impartial and funded by a poll-tax .

Having watched B.B.C. News and The Politics Show today , it was evident that the presenters were slavishly pushing the embattled Prime Minister's agenda .

First , the luxury of Osbourne's holiday was cast up repeatedly in picture and word . It was repeatedly insinuated that "the man who would be Chancellor in these times of financial crisis" ( to quote directly from News 24 ) and , by extension , his party led a life of unparalleled hedonism and luxury , unattainable by all but them and their corrupt cronies .

Don't vote for the Eevill Tories , in their top hats , flicking cigar ash at dying baby dolphins from the decks of their private yachts while widows and orphans go hungry .

Vote instead for The People's Party and The Great Leader , who understand your problems and toil ceaselessly on the minimum wage for YOUR benefit .

Eh ? Where was "plain Lord" Mandelson again ?

The second most nauseating part was the B.B.C.'s ignoring of the hypocrisy of this Labour angle and also the way they were falling over themselves to ignore the real political issue of the day ( the government's handling of the economic crisis ) and sneer at the Conservatives . In doing this they were transparently following the same agenda as the Labour Party at P.M.Q.'s and in their dealings with the media .

Had they been given instructions ?

This extreme bias (the worst yet) has been picked up by several other like-minded commentators .

Guido has a good comment on the B.B.C.'s Robert Peston and his approach .

Mrs.Dale gives a good account of the Tory side of the story . -entirely missing from our state broadcaster's output .

And Melanie Philips is just going mad !

When are we going to get a Fox News -style channel here to balance this leftist rubbish out ?

More to the point , when are we going to be freed from having to pay for it ?

The Start .......

Welcome , dear reader , to my first attempt at producing a blog on the new-fangled Interweb .

My posts will be infrequent , at first , so please bear with me .

I intend to write about a variety of matters , such is the eclectic nature of my interests .

So it'll be beer , politics , beer , history and beer .
In the unlikely event that some more trivial matter occurs to me I will , of course shout about that also .
Regards .